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Water, the body of consciousness

sinai laguna.jpg

Photo by Oscar Luna

Let the burning sun melt your heart

And leave you thirsty for the only water

that can replenish your soul.


Love like water

Flowing back into the desert lands

Flowering feelings in forgotten sands

that once made up the ocean’s dancefloor.


Each tear a raindrop

to revive the hidden paradise inside

and awaken this dream of life



(photo and prayer made on 13-04-'19, Egypt)

reviving the conscious body of our world

We live on a water planet, where water makes up two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and our bodies consist for two-thirds out of water. This is no coincidence: our bodies are made of the Earth. 
Our human life began in the water of our Mothers womb.

Water is essential for physical Life.

Water is a physical substance that can hold and transmit information - it is conscious, it holds memory and wisdom.
Even Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto 
revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm and brought forth scientific evidence of how the molecular structure of water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.
In fact, from all the elements that we can perceive in the physical, water is the  element most closely related to ether, often referred to as the all-pervading sphere of higher energy associated with our etheric energetic body. For this and many other reasons, water is widely perceived as the intermediate of our non-physical and physical realm, and the so called plasma of the
Quantum Field, related to the Akashic records and our collective (sub)consciousness.

Worldwide we are dealing with environmental issues because of water pollution and lack of conscious water maintenance. However the environmental issue can not be separated from our human condition, as the water in our bodies is the same water as that of our planet.

We can heal the water of our planet through our consciousness and conscious water keeping. This can be done through the way we take care of our natural bodies of water through understanding the harmony of nature. For example which type of vegetation and techniques supports the balance and vitality of a natural source of water (eg. some trees abstract water from the ground and others nourish it). And understanding how to nourish and hydrate the water in our bodies through conscious movement, a hydrating diet and the effect of harmonious vibrations,
thoughts and sound.


Water is essential for physical Life.
We can heal the Water of our world through consciously restoring natural Harmony.
We can heal Water through the vibration of Love.

For the Love of our Water of Life I offer:
~  Water Wisdom sessions & ceremonies

~ Water Massage & Aquatic bodywork (Janzu)
~ Aquadance

To revitalise the water in our bodies and the earth, I called forth these sessions which are blend of the wisdom I acquired over the years on water rituals and the topic of water in relation to our body, health, somatic movement, moving with our fluidity, intuition and consciousness. These sessions are preferably held near a body of natural water and will include activating the energy of our water through practices of meditative movement, deep relaxation and flow consciousness, sound and song.



What hurts the soul?
To live without tasting the water of it's own essence.
- Rumi


Aquatic bodywork and massage is a therapy in the water that works very deeply on the physical body, deep tissue and nervous system, and our mental and spiritual bodies. It is a true aquatic rebirth.
 This deeply relaxing method supports you to release stress and trauma stored deep in the cellular memory of your body, release physical as well as emotional blockages, access your subconscious and Thetha states. All to come back home to ~ and remember ~ our essential Self and your state of wholeness.
Held in as space where you flow freely and being carried by the water, allows you to let go of the mind and trust deeper in the flow of life.

Janzu 1 d.JPG

Janzu Water Flow session Guatemala, 2020

Water Flow session during Ufold the Feminine retreat in Greece, 2017

..has always been very deep and strong. My forefathers sailed the world and my friends jokingly call me mermaid. As a child I grew up living close to the ocean and established an intimate connection with it's spirit and animals over the years. Swimming, sailing and connecting with dolphins and other marvellous sea creatures. Alongside this, I started learning about the healing properties of water and the indigenous wisdom of water keeping and maintenance. I collected water from sacred sites and places around the world and studied practices that would revitalise and regenerate the water in our cells and the fluid system of our bodies. I believe changing the world begins with changing ourselves and understanding our deep intrinsic connection to her.

Making new friends in the clear aqua blu

Making friends underwater in Hawaii 2017


Water prayer at Mount Shasta, California, 2017

Full Moon in the watersign of Pisces, a

Water ritual at Pura Tirta Empul temple. 2018

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