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How clearly can you sea and create your reality?
Light up your life and awaken into the dream!



If you could dream up an entirely new world and life,
what would it look and feel like?
Forget about everything you've been told that doesn't chime with your soul.
Dream bold.
For as unrealistic as they may seem,

the world needs your wildest, most beautiful dreams
to be danced into reality.


EGYPT, Sept. 21-24th 2023

// Marsa Alam //\\ Course details and prices are yet to be updated \\

This world is a place full of magic, and we are here to create, live and experience our life to it's full potential.
Since ancient times people have used the practice of dreamwork, visualisation and quantum imagineering, song and dance to help manifest their dreams and consciously co-create their reality with Spirit from their sovereign Life force.

The First Nation people from Australia referred to the Dreamtime as the time of original creation by Spirit, the Native American tribes have been performing dream dance ceremonies for almost 1,5 centuries, Sufi Dervishes whirl to connect with the Divine source of creation and in various other cultures music, rhythm, breath and dance have been a way to connect with what we know as the Lucid State - the State of Awakened Dreaming and Creation.
The people from ancient Egypt ~ better known as Khemet, the ancient land of the Nile ~ are no exception. They gave a lot of significance to dreams and are renown for their lucid dreaming and dream incubation practices. Not to mention, the Blue Lotus, also known as the 'dream flower' is native to their Nile river.

In the
Dream Dancing course we will explore this deep state of awakened dreaming and teach you tools for consciously imagineering the future of your dreams.
It is
an immersive journey of shedding old imprinted beliefs, rebirthing ourselves and restoring our original light blueprint and reclaiming your sovereign Life Force, while calling
 our deeper longing and a brighter dream for our lives into reality.
And what better time and place to do so, then these ancient lands and waters of Egypt at this moment of great shifts in our world


dolphin dance 1b.JPG

Dance with Dolphins, Dream Dancing course 2020, all rights reserved.


~ Are ready for a full body reset, sea~ing your reality more clearly and invoking a brighter dream for your life.

~ Long to empower your Life and move with more clarity, sovereignty, freedom, ease, flow and peace.
~ Wish to learn more about conscious (dream) practices and accessing deeper states of mind for envisioning and invoking your desired Life.
~ Want to attune more deeply to your inner guidance and feeling and sea~ing the subtle energies and messages of nature.
~ Would love to real~eyes deeper dialogue and connection that allows for more vulnerability, fulfilment and compassion with yourself and others (partner, friends, family).
~ Would love to allow yourself to deeper release and receive from a place of surrender and trust.
To surrender to the bigger stream of your life.
~ Enjoy to learn more about how to use the power of dance, music and your voice to un(b)lock more joy, power and fulfilment in your life.
~ Have an interest in the wisdom of ancient civilisations of our world, Merfolk and the realm of the ocean.
~ Feel called by the medicine and wisdom of water and the dolphins.
~ Wish to align yourself with your true nature and life purpose.
~ Are ready to dive deeper.



Below you will find all the information about the course content, reservations, lodging, prices and more.


'This place is a dream.

Only a sleeper considers it real.'

~ Rumi


Course accommodation and Dolphins at the Red Sea, Egypt



Deep healing, regenerative Aquatic Massage and Water Medicine through somatic practices and Janzu that focus on restoring and resetting our nervous system and original light body blueprint to become more receptive to our inner visions, divine inspiration and guidance. The practices help us to clear, relax and release trauma from our bodies, ro access our subconscious and create space for aligned dreaming and creation to flow through us.

Dream Work, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and Quantum imagineering alongside conscious creation practices that will support you to access deeper states of mind, enhance your intuition and  gain clarity and inspiration for your dreams to unfold.

Dance! We will dance our dreams deeper into embodiment through conscious dance practices, celebratory DJ sets and Ecstatic Dream Dancing sessions.

Meeting and dancing with the wild Spinner Dolphins in the beautiful clear waters of the Red Sea. These beautiful finned friends are amazing natural healers and assist us in our evolution with their sound and water medicine and wise, joyful ways and light codes.

VITAL WATER codes that unlock your consciousness and inner~chi (energy) to a Life in more truth, 
sovereignty and abundance. This is real deal stuff where we'll dive deep into our subconscious to de-story the synthetic matrix to re-story our natural, crystalline timeline.

Deep dialogue and listening through nourishing and empowering group sharings, drawing on practices of Authentic Relating, Non Violent Communication, Art of Hosting and listening to our inner voice.

 Vocal activation and Sound Medicine such as an Inner Voice session, Merchanting and light language to clear our body and energy, connect with the power of your voice and soul and invoke a higher reality into embodiment.

Yoga, Yin Yoga, Essensual Yoga™, Breathwork, Qi Gong and embodiment practices to relax, flex and deeper attune and engage the magical vessel of our body and senses for deeper integration and empowering physical manifestation of our dreams.

Meditations and energy work and clearing practices that will help you align with your deepest truth, walk your path from your heart and align with the joyful, vibrant energy of life.

Balancing our masculine and feminine or respective Yin / Yang energies through energy and embodiment exercises, relaxercises and light, connective tantric practices.

Podcasting™ sessions of collective meditations and sharing to acces the collective group consciousness for aligning and empowering our creative manifestations. What do you you wish to cast into your reality?

Blue Lotus Medicine, where we will work with the dream medicine of this flower native to the ancient land of the Nile.

Wisdom teachings from ancient MU and submerged civilizations of Lemuria and connected civilizations such as Polynesia, Khemet (ancient Egypt), Africa aka Merita, Americas aka Murika and the Mer people.

 Optional Free Diving instructions, to experience more freedom in the water.





During the course there will be plenty of space for sharing, spontaneity and inspiration emerging in the moment as we believe that we ultimately co-create this experience together.

This course is based on my Wisdom Water project and unique Dream Dancing™ concept and workshop, inspired by elements of dreamwork, conscious dance, conscious creation, quantum energy healing, vocal practice, breath work, shamanic and sufi practices.

It is a co-creative co-production with the HARAKAMA Foundation, founded together with Aansan Yeh, which supports Human and Planetary evolution through safeguarding, supporting and fostering wholesome, harmonious creation. We envision to use this course as a template for humanitarian purposes in the future and to make it accessible for various local communities and people from all walks of life.
All rights reserved. No content of this course may be duplicated or used without permission in writing.

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'What hurts the soul?

To live without tasting the water of it's own essence'.

~ Rumi​

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The location of our course is at a beautiful eco village camp outside Marsa Alam, located at a remote natural bay in nature and directly at the coast of the Red Sea. The Reef and Snorkelling experience here is one of the best in the world and wild dolphins frequently pay a visit in the bay.
The location is best to be reached from Hurghada or Marsa Alam. (Airport) pick up service is available at additional costs. Vegetarian and vegan food options are available at our location, however both diets are still not very common in Egypt, so if you desire anything extra or special, please communicate this upfront.



~ water bottle

~ noseclip (or possible to order from me in advance)

~ swim wear
~ snorkling gear + flippers (or for rent at €6 or EGP 100 per day at location)

~ beach wear and towel
~ notebook, pen and color pencils
~ loose and comfortable fitting clothes for dancing and embodiment practices

~ waterproof sun screen (high factor as we will spend quite some time outside and in the water) 

~ aftersun skin care

~ something warm like a vest or jacket and sweatpants as it gets colder at night
​~ a personal object that you associate with a dream that you'd like to call into reality
~ your beautiful self, loving heart and open mind
additional and optional:
~ yogamat and cushion
~ wetsuit or shirt
~ instruments
~ snacks if you desire something extra




These are some practical guidelines as to how to get around comfortably and safely in Egypt


  • Flight | Hurghada Airport is the most affordable destination to book your flight to. It is also easy to reach the course accommodation from there and airport pick-ups are available at additional pricing.

  • PCR test | To ensure a smooth travel experience we recommend you do a PCR test before departure. A PCR test and travel document is currently required to enter the country and without the test, you will be requested to do one upon arrival, which is less comfortable.

  • Money | The local currency is Egyptian Pound (EGP). There are international ATMs available at airports and cities. 1 USD approx. equals 15 EGP

  • Transport | It is easiest to download the UBER app on your phone. Transport fees are based on local prices and automatically calculated through UBER. Small taxi rides between 10-15 minutes usually cost approx. 20-30 EGP.

  • Travel | If you travel by flight and are coming into Egypt, you require proof of a PCR (Corona) test with negative test results. The PCR test can be taken in your home country 2 days before your departure. You also need proof of insurance coverage abroad for Corona. 

  • Visa | Here you can find more information about entry Visas that count for 30 days: 46 countries are eligible to obtain a Visa upon arrival at the airport for about 25 USD. You can also apply online for an E-Visa. Moreover the Egyptian government currently allows foreigners to enter, without a visa in order to stimulate tourism.

  • SIM card | It is recommendable to buy a local SIM card at the airport upon arrival for about 220 - 250 EGP including credit. Vodafone and Orange are both reliable providers.

  • Clothing | Egypt is a mainly islamic country, which means that for both men and women it is required in public places like cities, temples and restaurants to wear appropriate clothing that covers the shoulders, comes down to the knees or over the knees and shows no cleavage. At the beach and at our course location, these guidelines will not apply as we will be free to wear swimwear.

  • Language | The spoken language in Egypt is Egyptian Arabic. However, most Egyptians working in positions in tourism or public services, speak basic english, so getting around with english is fairly easy.

Video: a demonstration of Janzu Aquatic massage in Guatemala



Please note: pricing information outdated and will be updated.


At the beautiful eco village camp, there are 3 types of accommodations available. The most affordable option are tents, the more luxurious options are dome shaped huts and royal tents and the most luxurious option is a deluxe chalet with private bathroom. All accommodations have a possibility for single beds as well as double beds. 

All prices are special prices and include 4 nights of accommodation, food, tourist taxes and dolphin trip. Vegetarian and Vegan meal options and pick up service from Marsa Alam and Hurghada airport are available. Prices do not include additional costs for public transfer, transport, flight tickets and airport pick up, rent of snorkelling gear and VAT.

Course prices with shared basic Tent accommodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €550,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 7000,-

Course prices with single basic Tent accommodation:

~ Foreigner (non resident) €590,-

~ Egyptian residents E£ 8000,-

Course prices for shared Huts and Royal Tent accomodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €575,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 7500,-

Course prices for single Huts and Royal Tent accomodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €650,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 8500,-

Course prices for shared Deluxe Chalet accomodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €650,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 8500,-

Course prices for single Deluxe Chalet accomodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €750,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 9700,-

Course prices for local residents without accomodation:
~ Foreigner (non resident) €300,-
~ Egyptian residents E£ 4500,-




The tents are on the beach-front and the interior is 3.5x3.5 meters with hand-made furniture, lighting, electricity outlet and a seating area just a few meters from the shoreline. Tents are available with 2 single beds and share a communal bathroom facility. Shower towels are available if needed from the reception (free of charge) and beach towels can be rented on site for a fee.


  • Daily housekeeping service, twice daily housekeeping service upon request

  • Guaranteed sea view

  • Sunrise view

  • Shower towels are upon request (free of charge)

  • Shower gel & handwash provided in public bathrooms

  • Frequent public bathroom cleaning


The Royal Tent is the most popular accommodation option and an integral part of the eco village minimal impact concept. The interior is 5x5 meters and well furnished with a minibar, fan, bean bag chairs and table, and a seating area just a few meters from the shoreline. Royal Tents are available with a double bed or two singles and share a communal bathroom facility. Shower towels are available if needed from the reception (free of charge) and beach towels can be rented on site for a fee.


  • Mini-fridge.

  • Fan.

  • Beanbag chairs & table.

  • Daily housekeeping service, twice daily housekeeping service upon request

  • Guaranteed sea view

  • Sunrise view

  • Shower towels are upon request (free of charge)

  • Shower gel & handwash provided in public bathrooms

  • Frequent public bathroom cleaning



Huts are simple, dome-roofed rooms, measuring 3.5 x 3.5 meters. They are set on the beach, slightly back from the shoreline but offer uninterrupted sea views. They feature two single beds, bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe, and a fan. Huts share a communal bathroom facility and shower towels are available if needed from the reception (free of charge). Beach towels can be rented on site for a fee.


  • Daily housekeeping service, twice daily housekeeping service upon request

  • Guaranteed sea view 

  • Sunrise view

  • Shower towels are upon request (free of charge)

  • Shower gel & handwash facilities provided in public bathrooms

  • Frequent public bathroom cleaning

  • Wardrobe

  • Side & dressing table




The Deluxe Chalet is our finest room standard overlooking the spectacular mountains on one side and the Red Sea on the other. There are terraces on either side with breathtaking views and every room enjoys an unobstructed sea view. The Deluxe Chalets are 4x6 meters and feature either double bed or singles and feature wardrobe, side & dressing table, AC, digital safe, mini-bar, water kettle with coffee and tea. Deluxe Chalets feature en-suite bathroom and towels are provided for showering. Beach towels are available for a fee.


  • Wardrobe

  • Side & dressing table

  • AC

  • Digital safe

  • Mini-fridge

  • Water kettle with coffee and tea free of charge

  • LCD TV 

  • Daily housekeeping service, twice daily housekeeping service upon request

  • Sunrise & sunset view


Facilitators for this event will be Anthe Aelea and Ashiana Kala.
We are founders of HARAKAMA Foundation and both practitioners of healing arts, the Life Alignment™ transformative healing system and the Art of Hosting™. We have walked a unique path in both friendship and life work together for almost 9 years, in world wide service of human and planetary evolution, which we bring together through our foundation.













As a visionary artist, DJ, dancer, holistic coach and facilitator of transformative, conscious events, I contribute my work to co-creating a thriving world where we can flourish in harmony together. 
I weave melodies, movement and dreams of peace and beauty between worlds and hearts across the globe.
I practice the alchemy of harmony, the embodiment of integrity, live with divocean and teach life's lucidity and transcendent poetry through experiences that speak to the heart, move the body and elevate your spirit.






As a priestess, facilitator, designer & Starseed Coach, I am here to liberate the souls awakening and alignment.  I love bringing through deep embodiment of bliss, insight and sacredness,  holding compassion and working with many guides and cultures on the way. Weaving the highest timelines of personal & planetary empowerment.  I have been gathering and working with a toolkit of ascension keys, healing techniques for many decades and lifetimes. Dedicated and here to assist in evolution of our brightest future in all forms.  

Images below are from previous (dream) dancing events across Europe, Middle East and Asia in 2019 and 2020.

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