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Astral Insights: The Phoenix and the Feminine

A time that marks a new cycle of renewal, rebirth and transformation. Burning away old beliefs and baggage, to rise once again from the ashes 🔥❤️🔥 Just like the phoenix in this photo taken on the day of the full Solar Eclipse at the Big Prairie in Oregon last year.

As the moon 🌙 conjuncts Uranus (innovation, originality) in Aries and makes a quincunx aspect to Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio today, we may find ourselves propelled into dazzeling depths of our soul where we are called upon our inner strenght and the fire in our hearts to be a warrior of love and truth. Especially where themes in the spheres of emotions, intimate connection and sexuality are concerned. Another triple conjunction between Venus, Sun and Lilith also highlights similar aspects of our collective transformation, with an emphasis on the Divine Feminine light and any suppression, abuse or wounds that are still in need of healing here. As the feminine no longer accepts to be neglected. Both men and women will be confronted with how we take care and protect our light of life in regards to the soft, nourishing qualities of the feminine. Can we show deep compassion for ourselves and each other? Can we be truly honest by being completely open and vulnerable? Can we forgive, let go and let our tears flow and become one with the waters of our world? Can we soften our rough edges in the embrace of unconditional love? Can we truly receive love, ourselves, others.. for all we are? Surrendering to the power of love is the only way to smoothly walk with these transits. And her power is not one of force, but like a caress of softness.

Just like a fire walk ritual, the only pain we'll experience is the pain of the old and outworn, the ego mind.. as the true nature of our spirit is the eternal light and flame of our souls. Blessings for your path of light. Amor ❤️ Anthe 

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