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Rising from the Ashes

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

During the last new moon and the celebration of #mahashivratri - the celebration of the union of #shivashakti in India - I hosted a fire circle underneath a majestic Banyan tree to celebrate and conclude my journey in India. For me this celebration was especially meaningful as I arrived in India exactly two new moons ago, and it was my first humble dance performance after recovering from my motorbike accident. A beautiful night of sharing our songs and dances around the fire and blessing the earth and this life for all that she gives us.

~ Moving in deep waters ~ In the past weeks, I was moving in very deep waters, recovering from a motorbike accident in India. In my self designed white dress I was on my way at night to sing another concert. Then a local man I know passed on the bike and greeted me, I looked up, lost focus of the road, missed the pile of earth that was suddenly on the middle of the road, hit it with the front wheel, fell over to the left and made a huge slider. The whole left side of my body got wounded. My white dress turned red from the soil and blood. Earlier that day I had a flow session in the ocean, being moved like a mermaid as a therapeutic way to work on my body and spine. I felt an old pain coming to surface, a deep crying in my heart. I moved through it. But sure enough, my body was still finding balance. A balance I'm finding now while moving with stillness. I had to surrender my singing and dance performance, my dance training, plans and other wants. And I know it's all good. My dance with life continues and deepens still every day. And after my body and leg will be fully healed, I will dance and whirl again like never before ~ Blessing in disguise ~ Already I've been so blessed by the many loved ones that take care of me, support and pray for me here in the hospital and now here at my home every day. Time to celebrate and deeper integrate my lessons, to heal and invite in more raw authenticity, presence and being. 'Someone once asked a great Sheikh what sufism was. He answered: "The feeling of joy when sudden disappointment comes.' ~ Rumi ~ Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes ~ Only days before my accident and fall off the motorbike a poem came to me during our sufi ceremony (where the image below was also captured). If silence is your true language then let me fall deeply Surrendering into your embrace, to a place where all movement falls into one My flooding tears are a testimony of the moment i touch upon that source It is here where i know that nothing but this raw and vulnerable innocence will sustain me ~ Anthe Aelea This deep love and surrender, where spirit marries matter. This stillpoint of Pure Heart and vulnerable innocence. May it carry forth into all steps I will take into my future.


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