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Our Sacred Earth Body

My body is of the Earth. She is just as magnificent, resilient, beautiful, magical, creative, strong and life giving. She also endured the same pain, objectification, injustice, exploitation and abuse and breathes and flourishes just the same. Her forest our lungs, her waters our blood.. Everything we do to her as humanity, we do to ourselves. A wise man from the Colombian Kogi tribe once said about Earth’s exploitation: “If you knew she could feel, you would stop.” When we honor, nourish, respect and care for our own body and lives and those of other people and beings, we will help heal her - our Mother planet. And when we honor, nourish and care for her, she will reciprocate our giving with everything we need to care for our bodies, spirit and so much more to flourish in full aliveness. For her love and generosity are beyond human comprehension. To me, the most conscious thing we can do is to respect and listen closely to the wisdom of our heart and body, and act in accordance to that. Listen to her She deserves to be heard in her hurt. You deserve to be heard from your heart. Earth-Heart. Our true dream. Sing for her.

Her creatures, her trees

mountains and seas Invocating Paradise

Each day we can wake dreaming in the wakened state no time, no date. Just breathe, create..

A state of peace beyond the broken pieces that thus far made up our reality

Mending all Loving all Guided home by the primordial call Let's give the earth and ourselves back our sacred bodies. Let’s preserve her beauty, wisdom and magic like our own. There is no separation. We are her, she is us.

"In the soul covenant, embedded in the human matrix, is a crystalline, fractal symbiotic code in which the human design is the sensory organ for planetary transcendence. As Earth is the sensory organ for human transcendence." ~ The Template


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