Photo taken at the Manna gathering, Petra, Jordan 2017

Wisdom circles

There is much wisdom in this world that needs to be revived and remembered to build the future of our dreams.


A wisdom circle is a sacred gathering and collective immersion of consciousness, intuition and creativity.
We will experience the power of coming together in circle to sense and share what life has taught us.
Through various practices guided by the circle faciliators we will deepen our connection to our heart and body to serve the unfolding and remembrance of our inherent wisdom. We will dive deeper into the mysteries of our world through themes such as conscious creation, space and time, sexual energy and the dance of the masculine and feminine, art, physics and metaphysics, ceremony, song, nature wisdom and more.

During these circles there will always be space for creative and spontaneous intuitions to be shared by participants in the moment, and there is room for at least one or two co-hosts to co-facilitate these circles.
Also if you are interested in a Wisdom Circle about a specific topic, feel welcome to contact me to see how we can make it happen.




YIN ~ recourcing back to the black well within

June 20, 2020

This event is an invitation to find your inner spark, wisdom, beauty, joy and gift in the well of stillness inside. It is here where we replenish and nourish ourselves. Here where we listen and connect deeply to ourselves and to our loved ones. From this still point and empty space we tap into our original power, wisdom and our innermost dreams.
Stillness and emptiness are so often undervalued in our world, yet they are the language of our hearts and nature of our womb. When we slow down and let ourselves be moved from this deep place inside, we get in touch with a boundless source of pure life energy and inspiration. 

We experience the connection with all of life.
The intention of stillness will be supported during this evening with softening movement and breath practices, meditation, empathic touch & sharing and an immersive sound meditation.



Besides the offerings listed above, my work and (new) creations will always continue to evolve 

and I am open for co-creations and collaborations.

Wisdom Circle for Women - Friday 13th

December 12, 2019

On this special date that was traditionally celebrated as a day of the Goddess, we will gather in circle to sense, share and weave our wisdom together as a collective body, heart and consciousness of the Divine Feminine.

Through breath work, fertility yoga, song and dance we will deepen our connection to our body and intuition to serve the unfolding and remembrance of our inherent wisdom. 

We will dive deeper into the mysteries of our world and our creative sovereignty as women, through unraveling the true meaning of the number 13 and the natural cycle of time and our fertility.


This evening will also feature a healing Rite of the Womb blessing and wisdom shared from mystery traditions of India, Egypt, Eastern Europe and the Middle East along with a heavenly live music performance. ​ 

We warmly welcome and invite you to join us and share your wisdom.
Please sign up if you plan to attend, as we have space for a limited amount of attendees.

Time & Space: 18:30-23:00, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Location: Motherhood, Kinkerstraat 270.
Food included: to be announced

Price: €13,-

(video by Nina Paley)

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