photo and text by Anthe Aelea 

'When we reach beyond the surface to the heart of the matter,

we can truly create an impact with a ripple effect.'

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coaching, facilitation and innovation for people, organisations and education

As a coach and facilitator I deliver connection, clarity. positive transformation and learning for growth and thriving on both a personal level as well as a collective level in teams and group constellations.

Personal coaching

Soul Alignment sessions  focus on sessions focus on Self realisation, personal growth, cultivating awareness and empowering conscious choices and wise action to live your life with passion and purpose.

During a session we will work on the empowerment and embodiment of your essential, Self. 

I offer personal and group sessions, where I draw upon my extensive experience in coaching, energy work and bodywork practice.

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Education, Innovation & Organisations
For education, social innovation and business I assist to create and facilitate spaces and processes of learning, transformation and innovation. My aim is to engage, connect and align the people and dots while bringing out the vision, values and purpose of your initiative, education or organisation. This can happen through a workshop, team session and (visual) story to support learning, deeper meaning and understanding.

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Group coaching
Transformational group sessions are collective Collective Alignment Sessions which help us clear and clarify collective (sub)conscious patterns and underlying emotions in order to un(b)lock our vital life energy, positively uplift and shift ourselves in alignment with our deeper truth and purpose.
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