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Soul singing

Our voice is our most intimate instrument.

Especially if we become more aware of the relationship between our voice, emotions and body
Singing and expressing ourselves through our voice, makes us feel alive.
She bridges the world of form and the formless source.

She is our soul embodied in sound.


As humans, we sing before we talk,

we dance before we walk.

Connecting more deeply with our voice and own unique sound brings us closer to our essential Self, the person we were born to be. You will surprise yourself with your own skill and volume once you let go of judgement and start voicing your essential flow of energy.
Personally I love to acces the voice as a powerful instrument for personal growth and deeper integration of our body and soul. To fully embody our essential Self, our power, wisdom and our innocence through working with the full range of our authentic sound.
For this reason I started offering voice work in 2014 and alongside slowly began creating my own songs as well. Music has always been a big love of my life and anytime of the day a spontaneous song can come to me inspired by nature and my love for life and people.



Soul Singing ~ Workshop
our instrument of intimacy
Working with your voice and vocal expression is a profound, beautiful and at times vulnerable yet hugely empowering exploration of your innermost and truest Self. Through an exploration of our inner depth and feelings, we'll tap into the sound of our soul, connect with the beautiful instrument of our body and play our heartstrings while we awaken our vocal vitality and learn to express and manifest our innermost wisdom and hearts desires.
I call this Voicing the Void or Uttering the Uterus. No matter whether you are male or female, our voice is connected to our pelvic health and bridges the world of form and our formless source of creation. To align ourselves with the force of this life source and the divine symphony of Life, it is of great importance that we sound our truth. And in doing so we access parts of our own strength and consciousness that may have been dormant or suppressed.
This workshop will support you in awakening and embodying more of your true essence as you experience to how to express yourself fully through the divine instrument of your own voice and body.
Voicing ourselves and our feelings has a profound healing effect through the powerful energy and vibration of our own soul that carries through all the water, tissues and cells of our body. We will work around body awareness and various healing sounds for the emotions as well as organs in our body and their interrelation. This can clear emotional blockages and create space to bring bring more of our truth, love and essence into embodiment. In this workshop, singing is not about being perfect, but expressing yourself truthfully. So let yourself be moved and empowered by the sound and music of your own song and those of others!

Soul Singing ~ Private session

our instrument of intimacy
Similar to the workshop we will work around your truthful, authentic, soulful expression, body awareness and the healing qualities of working with your voice. We will start with a personal assessment of your voice and feelings around singing and voicing yourself, as well it's vulnerabilities. Then we'll tap into the sound of our soul, connect with the beautiful instrument of your body and play your heartstrings while we awaken our vocal vitality and learn to express your innermost wisdom and hearts desires. 
This session will support you in awakening and 
embodying more of your true essence as you experience to how to express yourself fully through the divine instrument of your own voice and body.

Please contact me for more details on my local availability and prices.
Online sessions are also possible in current times for reduced rates.



Voice of the Void ~ Vocal Transmissions
voicing our eternal essence

These are sessions where we will work with the voice as a way to surpass our mind and tap into our eternal essence. We will experience the voice and sounds that want to move through us as we come from a deep sacred place of inner silence and invocate parts of our soul essence that may have been left unexpressed.
I will personally give a transmission of healing songs and what some refer to as 'light language'.

Singing and Song writing
Songs come to me through instant inspiration. When I connect with nature, a specific place, a person or a group of people, I simply start channeling the energy I receive through sound. In this way I have 'received' song that I wrote, collaborated with bands and musicians, performed improvised healing chants as well as produced songs in collaboration with other artists who supported me instrumentally. Below you can find a few examples.

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