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Let yourself be moved


Life to me is a dance of balance. Dance, yoga, movement meditation and music can help us  enjoy and embrace the full range of life's tidal waves.

Yoga and dance help us to connect with our inner compass and joy to nourish a healthy, honest and loving connection with yourself and others in this dance of life. It is a loving and deepening conversation with yourself that I warmly invite you into.

Each class can be taught and adjusted to your wishes for
groups, events and retreats, as well as a private yoga or business yoga class.



Yin yoga feels like a home-coming in your body. It focuses more on relaxation, being present within yourself and integrating meditation in everything that moves us. It provides a deeper acces to our body than most other yoga styles which helps to release blockages and (re)connect to our inner flow, leaving our bodies nourished, softened and revitalised.

Hatha yoga is a classic style of yoga that combines the practice of compassion and meditation with the practice of clarity of action. Hatha is translated as ha meaning 'sun' and tha meaning 'moon'. It is a path of yoga that focusses on creating balance and uniting opposites. The asanas support a development of both flexibility and strenght of our bodies as well as a balance of surrender and determination in each pose.


Essensual yoga is a self designed yoga class that takes you on an inner journey into your heart through deepening of the breath, awakening the senses, combining asanas with flowing elements of vinyasa, dance and tantric practices to relax, unblock and boost your energy.  

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