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'inspire and create, connect and ELEvate'

As a trained coach and facilitator I deliver connection, clarity and learning in an engaging and appealing way. My aim is to engage, connect and align everyone on board and draw out their best qualities. Together we connect the dots while bringing out the vision, values and purpose of your initiative, education or organisation through a workshop, team session, training and/or (visual) story. 
This clarity and interconnection make any action and process more insightful and positively impactful for yourself, your audience and all parties involved.

In my work I use methods of The Art of Hosting and Art of Participatory Leadership practices and Non Violent Communication and other connective tools. I've co-founded an active learning community in Amsterdam in 2013, ran workshops at Knowmads International Business School and worked internationally in the field of social, education, sustainability and community building and additionally draw upon my tools and experience in storytelling, graphic facilitation and film.

(videos below I created at events where I both filmed and facilitated)

'Anthe is an exceptionally fine leader who brought out the best in everyone on our team. Her kindness, communication skills and highness really lifted me up. Thank you!'

(Barbara, US) 

Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership for Business 2016

Education Innovation Festival Netherlands 2013

A quick grasp of some events and trainings that I (co-)designed and facilitated:

- The Futuristic Entrepreneur

- Storytelling for Change Makers
- The Art of Participatory Leadership

- Open Space sessions and festivals (Netherlands, Germany, Portugal)
- Intuition training for Entrepreneurs

- Monetizing your Dreams, a 3 workshop series: Alignment / Value / Realization 

- Natural Expression
- Body Awareness

- MANAfest

Art of Hosting for Participatory Germany Leadership 2013


Design for Circular Economy TEDxAmsterdam 2014

Open Space Festival Portugal 2014

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