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Feminine Rising event 2018

Sacred arts


you show me
how I'm part
of the collective beat

Your silence, your sound
is more profound
than the structures of this world can hold
And travels far beyond any limitations
or stories we've been told

I am learning to speak your language
to bring your love into human form

The beauty you hold,
I dream through your eyes
while I trust you as my guide

to where infinite life unfolds

16-08-2018 by Anthe



Our Heart is a portal, connecting spirit and matter and our inner creative fire and passion through it's compass of compassion. In the presence of our heart we find home, our sacred space.

Arts in their highest expression, aligned from our Hearts, are originally an inherent and important aspect of governing and harmonising our life and society in connecting us with the Divine through the engagement of our body, feelings and senses.
Through Art as an expression aligned from our Hearts, we can arch the spiritual and the physical. When they meet as one in their highest embodied expression, they speak a language that surpasses the mind and touches our most essential being. In this way we can shape and animate the life forms we wish to create, and become conscious, artful architects of our physical reality.


The intrinsic sacred connection of our creative, sacral life force with the divine love of our heart is what brings forth all healthy life and true beauty in our world. It is from this place that I create, channel, weave and craft when I perform my sacred arts & ceremonies.

My way to work is to connect instantly with the heart of the matter and work from direct inspiration, often channeling, improvising and creating in the moment in attunement with the needs and wishes of what is present. While channeling and working from a place of intuition, I love to work with the elements of song, sound healing, dance and breath and often let myself be inspired by sacred sites and nature.

For organisational as well as creative projects, group and personal transformative work, I have guided, facilitated and performed dance ceremonies, councils, voice work, drum circles, fire and water ceremonies, mother and baby blessings, women circles, bodypaint rituals and sacred practices infused with various ancient mystic and shamanic elements.

When we reach beyond the surface to the heart of the matter, 
We can truly create an impact with a ripple effect.

- Anthe Aelea

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Burning Man Parade 1_edited.png

Giza Pyramids


Dance performed by Anthe with Bodypaint by Liliana

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