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Feminine Rising event 2018

Ua mau, ke ea o ka aina, i ka pono, o Hawai'i​




The Ancient Hawaiian Huna and Aloha spirit have been sacred to me ever since I first learned about them in 2013. Over the years I've come to understand more about their true meaning and implementation on a practical, daily basis in my life, work and relationships. For this I love sharing the wisdom embedded in the Huna philosophy and the practice of Ho'oponopono through my workshops and ceremonies.


IKE ~ the world is what you think it is ~ Seeing

KALA ~ there are no limits, everything is possible ~ Clearing

MAKIA ~ energy flows where attention goes ~ Focusing

MANAWA ~ now is the moment of power ~ Presence

ALOHA ~ to Love is to be happy with ~ Blessing

MANA ~ all power comes from within ~ Empowering

PONO ~ effectiveness is the measure of truth ~ Dreamweaving


a profound cleansing prayer to restore and create harmony
and live your life from divine inspiration


As a certified Ho'oponopono practitioner and facilitator through Dr. Joe Vitale's program with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, I offer beautiful Ho'oponopono sessions and workshops and a special ceremony for mixed groups of men and women. In the workshop and ceremony we go deeper into the heart of Huna and Aloha philosophy and the practice and prayer of Ho'oponopono through self empowering as well as group empowering practices, accompanied with breath, movement, dance and song. This will support you in realising more harmony and flow in the relationship with yourself, your loved ones and Life as a whole, to dispel old hurt and memories and live your Life from divine inspiration.

The beauty of Ho’oponopono as a modern day self healing and spiritual cleansing process and prayer is that you can also practice it for yourself in an easy way, though it requires conscious attention. There are four simple steps to this method, and the order is not of huge importance, there is no "wrong" in this method. The four steps are Love, Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude and don't require any more effort than for you to attentively connect to them, yet they are amazingly powerful. Once you connect to the feelings involved in the situations you wish to transform, you can rely on the power and willingness of the love inside you to forgive and take care of the rest.

Step 1: Love - "I love you"
Step 2: Repentance – "I’m Sorry"
Step 3: Forgiveness – "Please forgive me"
Step 4: Gratitude – "Thank you"

"You have two ways to live your life, from memory or from inspiration.

Memories are old programs replaying. Inspiration is the Divine giving you a message.

You want to come from inspiration. The only way to hear the Divine and receive inspiration is to clean all memories. The only thing you have to do is clean."

- Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len



Since 2014 I started receiving dreams in which dolphins would visit me and call me over to Hawaii. After nothing but a magical series of synchronicities I arrived to my long longed for destination of Hawaii in 2017. Words can simply not describe the powerful feeling of 'home' that overtook me when I first set foot on her ground. Or how my body instantly surrendered to her land and waters, as if I was already a part of her. I felt at peace, I was in love. And although in essence we can always find home within our hearts, these lands have given me a physical experience of home that I am still grateful for until this day.

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