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the powerful medicine of music

'The melody uplifts my energy'

As a DJ my sound is warm, deep, soulful, organic, expansive and refreshing. My sets are inspired by nature and coloured by my love for exotic places, their native cultures, roots and rituals.
My music resonates with the moment and provides a musical trip around the world through a dynamic flow of heartwarming world music, electronic infused ethnic beats, folk and tribal grooves, sensual tropical rhythms and mysterious melodies, sometimes even mixing in my own vocals. I love to take a crowd of dancers on a journey beyond time and space and play mostly at (conscious) festivals, dance events like
Ecstatic Dance and retreats. 
Currently I am a resident DJ at Ecstatic Dance in Amsterdam, also playing abroad at events, festivals and retreats in e.g. India, Ibiza, U.S., Middle East, Egypt, Central America and Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.
Below you can listen to examples of my music up until spring 2018. I will soon update my 
Soundcloud mixes from 2019.

Playing at the final closing Party of th

Closing ceremony and DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Fest Ukraine 2019

Burning Man set at Abraxas Dragon 2017


Ecstatic Dance New Years celebration Amsterdam 2019/2020

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Kicking off and playing at the first Ecstatic Dance event in Egypt, April 2019

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