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Photo taken by D. Bendel at Craterlake, US

Embark on a journey of love and personal freedom

Let's break with the 'too good to be true' Myth. 
You are an infinite soul in a body, with the capacity to create your life from boundless possibilities.
Fulfilling your natural potential and living the life and love you dream of, starts with the realisation, (re)alignment, empowerment and embodiment of your essential, divine Self, your true Spirit.
Over 10 years of experience in working with holistic medicine methods of energy work, somatic bodywork and meditation, Kryst codes, systemic work, sound healing, hyros gamos (divine union) calibration and conscious creation, have hugely supported me along my path.
Along with my intuitive abilities it is my honour to share my best practices with you and guide you on a journey of deeper self discovery. 
This work is about profoundly changing your experience and perspective of reality in the brightest sense and empowering you to live a soulful, sovereign and joyful life in alignment with your deepest truth and purpose. 

If you have been longing to make a positive shift in your life and are willing to take a deeper look at what may be keeping you from it, then I would love to support you in a personal or group session on this journey to more love, peace, harmony, freedom and fulfillment.


Make a change
Listen to your inner voice
and align with the life of your choice.

No previous experience with energetic, soulful or so-called spiritual work is needed.
Simply an open heart, mind and willingness to positively shift your life is enough. 

Let's remember the glory of what it truly means to be human!


coming home to yourself


This individual session aims you to experience and create your life with a deeper and increased sense of
- P
eace and Freedom
- Creative Flow and AbunDance

- Soul Purpose, Awareness and Personal Power
- Love, Compassion and Happiness

- Increased Creativity and Motivation 
During a session I will assist and guide you to come to important insights, breakthroughs and realisations about your life and empower you to follow through in these in wise, embodied action. 
We will focus on your personal growth and flourishing in accordance with your true Spirit and highest potential and act on what is most serving to your life in the present moment. As part of this we will look into un(b)locking your vital life energy from your energetic body down to the cellular level of your physical body, balance and restore your inner hieros-gamos (respective masculine and feminine aka divine union) energy and template and identify, clear and shift limiting patterns, programs and beliefs.
At times intimate blockages, conditioning, trauma and implants may be revealed in order to release their imprint and align your life force, thoughts, feelings and actions with your true, divine Self and potential.

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Photo taken at Petra, Jordan, by Shamel, 2017


This group session will bring each individual, for example each member of a couple as well as all the members of the group as a whole, a deeper and increased sense of
- P
eace and Freedom
- Creative Flow and AbunDance
- Love, Compassion and Happiness

- Soul Purpose, Awareness and Personal Power

 - Empathy, Atunement and Inspired Collaboration
This session is similar to a personal Soul Alignment, yet the techniques will be applied to a group of people. These sessions are suitable and effective for teams, couples, families or even a group of people you have never met or collaborated with before, as by the law of resonance and attraction, we will always come together for a deeper underlying reason and shared themes in our lives.
I will identify the theme's and blocks for everyone involved as we work with the collective body and consciousness of the group (or couple), and will guide you to come to important insights, breakthroughs and realisations about your life and empower you to follow through in these in wise, embodied action. 


'Since I had a coaching session with you, I feel so much better. 
As if I refound a piece of myself. I don't feel worried as I used to and it seems as if good things are magically coming my way. Even strangers compliment me on the streets!'

(Anne, Netherlands)


'The Alignment session with Anthe felt like a profound reset of my entire body and spirit. The following night I experienced a strong release and it felt like my whole system decomposed and recomposed itself. I felt reborn the next morning. Highly recommend!'

(Tamara, Guatemala)

'I am so happy! After your session where we identified and released a trauma from the past and I released my fear, the persistent hearing problem and pain in my right ear completely disappeared.'

(Rocio, Mexico) 

'I cried for the first time in years. And I remember why I came into this life now.
Thank you, you have amazing power.'

(Troy, Jamaica)

'Anthe Aelea's Alignment session was an extremely profound experience.
I didn't expect for Aelea to dig as deep as she did with me and to unlock burried emotions and experiences within. What I found to be profoundly beneficial from the experience as well was her aid in helping me to understand why I lived through some experiences in my life, even since early childhood. And how those experiences helped shape the person I am today.

I was very impressed with her ability to support me in my reflections and to seek and find the truth within myself. I have never experienced anything like this. She is very gifted. Aelea has a calm and collected vibe that is very grounding. She had the power to get me to open me up to profound levels and release tears from my eyes.'
(Philip, Canada)



In my coachings I work from my strong intuition and clairvoyant abilities and draw on my training and experience in body and energy work like Life Alignment, Quantum Healing, (somatic) bodywork and Kinesiology, working with Kryst codes and the wisdom of Water and Divine Union aka Hieros Gamos calibration, the Hands of Light method by Barbara Brennan and some of the Keylontic Science of the AMCC-MCEO-GA Freedom Teachings. Sometimes I may also use several assisting techniques such as breath work, constellation work and sound healing, using drum, singing bowls, my own voice or any other musical instrument that will support a positive shift of your energy. 
Besides this I also integrate various shamanic and mystic practices that I've studied from Native American, Indonesian, Hawaiian, European, Middle Eastern and (West) African traditions while visiting and living in these regions.
Life Alignment coaching is a soothing, yet profound integral transformational healing method for body, heart and mind. It provides the means to free yourself from past hurt, negative emotions and old patterns in order to live fully in alignment with your life purpose from a sense of peace, passion and joy.
Please note that an Alignment session is not a medical treatment according to Western medicine, yet it can be hugely supportive. In case of serious physical and/or psychological complaints, please also inquire about your condition with your doctor and medical caretaker.


How do I prepare for a Soul Alignment session?
48 hours before the session, try keeping a healthy diet of pure food and avoid alcohol and smoking.
Half an hour before the session starts, try to keep an empty stomach, yet drink half a liter of water.

Your body will need this for the toxins that can be released while unblocking energetic blockages in the body and receiving a higher frequency 'upgrade' of your whole system.

In case of an online session, prepare yourself a comfortable space to lie down, where you will not be disturbed.
Keep a blanket on the side to cover yourself when you may feel in need of some extra warmth or covering, even if it's just for a sense of self nurturance. 

Keep a bottle of water and glass for yourself on the side in case you may need to drink some extra water as we dive into the work. Of course you can also intentionally light a candle in your space or do anything else that will support your feeling of comfort and well-being.
During in-person sessions, all of the above will be naturally provided by me in the practice room.

What can I expect after a Soul Alignment session?
Make sure that you create time for yourself to rest and integrate, especially after the first intake session.

You will be able to function normally and continue to work, but try to minimise any stress on your body and spirit.
You may experience some tiredness and energetic, physical (eg aches) and emotional releases which will pass quickly to make room for heightened levels of energy, joy and inspiration.
Take good care of yourself, rest well, try to eat pure food and keep drinking plenty of water to support the detox of old energies and support the integration of higher energies into your body.

I hope this was helpful for you!
And l
ook forward to support you on your path.


With love,
Anthe Aelea



In these challenging times I am open to discuss my prices with you if you are in need.
Please contact me for further consultation and inquiry.

I offer in-person as well as online energy & coaching sessions. In-person sessions may include additional aromatherapy, sound healing and acupressure. The minimum duration of a session will be 75mins to ensure a profound effect and lasting result. Longer sessions will allow for a deeper clearing and shift to occur. For intakes I reserve an additional 15 minutes free of charge.

Personal sessions:
Free 15 mins intake

online 75mins | 1,5 hrs | 2 hrs:
€130,- / €155,-  / €190,-


Note: do not schedule any appointments right after a treatment, to support yourself in integrating the profound shift. Please also see additional payment information*


Superhero discount on personal coaching *

If you're ready to dive deeper and commit yourself to 3 follow-up coaching sessions within 70 days / 10 weeks time, then I think you're awesome and want to give you my full support with offering you a discounted trajectory of 1 in-person and 2 online (or all 3 online) sessions up to 1,5 hours for €399,- and up to 2 hours for €490,-!

Note: If you book a 3-series Superhero discount for 1,5 hours and it turns out that we need more time, an additional charge of €5 per extra 5 minutes will be in effect. Please also see additional payment information*


Sessions for Couples and Groups (teams, families and more):
Free 15 mins intake
1,5 hour session - total per group:  
2 hour session - total per group:  
3 hour session - total per group:  
Note: for group sessions I often include some systemic work and a short introduction and reflective sharing afterwards will be taken into account on top of the duration of the session. For in-person sessions, additional costs for venue, travel, materials etc. are not included. Please see additional payment information* 


*) All prices are incl. service fees, incl. VAT and based on Western market value. Payment for sessions will be due in advance. If you are in a challenging financial situation, contact me so we can organise a payment plan, or find a solution that fits us both. Another suggestion is to organise or participate in a group session. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of one full session price. Please Note that prices for sessions may at times be altered as a result of work circumstances in developing countries.

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