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Resourcing back to the magnetic black
Transformational Group sessions & spaces

During a transformational group sessions we come together in a safe online or physical space to connect and share and 



​We are living in a time where many old structures are breaking down and more people are experiencing an expansion of consciousness. Ultimately many impactful events in our life will inspire an awakening of our deeper Essential Self.
For this it is vital to see the deeper meaning and bigger picture for your life and life's events more clearly, as well as honour your present emotions so to positively transform and align them with your deeper truth.

The upcoming webinar series Building the Rainbow Bridge is designed to help you navigate through these changing times with more ease, peace and clarity and upgrade to a higher vibrational state of life.  
In these group sessions we will deep dive and work around collective themes and releasing limiting beliefs of the group related to each individual member, as well as the group as a whole. 

The shift we will experience together as a group will inspire an increased sense of
- Peace and Freedom

- Creative Flow and AbunDance
- Love, Compassion, Harmony and Happiness

- Awareness, Purpose and Personal Power

 - Empathy, Atunement and Inspired Collaboration



20th of March 2020 at 16:00 CET during the time of the Equinox, I'll offer you a free webinar and online

group Alignment session.
We will dive into our personal as well as collective related topics to positively uplift and shift ourselves into deeper alignment with our true Self, and more Love, Abundance and purpose.



In my coachings I work from my strong intuition and draw on my wide training and experience in body and energy work like Life Alignment, Quantum HealingReiki and the Hands of Light method by Barbara Brennan. Sometimes I may also use several assisting techniques such as breathwork, constellation work and sound healing, using drum, singing bowls or any other musical instrument that will support a positive shift of your energy.
Life Alignment coaching is a soothing, yet profound integral transformational healing method for body, heart and mind. It provides the means to free yourself from past hurt, negative emotions and old patterns in order to live fully in alignment with your life purpose from a sense of peace, passion and joy.

How do I prepare for an Alignment session?

Half an hour before the session starts, try to keep an empty stomach, yet drink half a liter of water.

Your body will need this for the toxins that can be released while unblocking energetic blockages in the body and receiving a higher frequency 'upgrade' of your whole system.

In case of an online session, prepare yourself a comfortable space to lie down, where you will not be disturbed.
Keep a blanket on the side to cover yourself when you may feel in need of some extra warmth or covering, even if it's just for a sense of self nurturance. 

Keep a bottle of water and glass for yourself on the side in case you may need to drink some extra water as we dive into the work. Of course you can also intentionally light a candle in your space or do anything else that will support your feeling of comfort and well-being.
During in-person sessions, all of the above will be naturally provided by me in the practice room.


I hope this was helpful for you!
And l
ook forward to support you on your journey.


With love,
Anthe Aelea

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