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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance event where everyone is invited to dance their own dance. It provides a safe and sacred space where you can experiment with movement, express yourself, pass through a meditative state, be playful and connect with other dancers on the dance floor. No previous dance experience is required for these dance events, as the intention is to experience complete freedom in your own authentic movement according to how you feel in each moment.

Dancing in community is something that people have done forever. However the first Ecstatic Dance as we know it now started on Big Island Hawaii in the early 2000's. Currently Ecstatic Dance is spreading as a world wide movement, where dance events and retreats are organised all over the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia. Personally I am a resident Ecstatic Dance DJ and dance facilitator in Amsterdam and have facilitated Ecstatic Dance events in various locations around The Netherlands, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Americas.

Ecstatic Dance in Egypt!
In April till June 2019 I supported kickstarting the first official Ecstatic Dance movement in Egypt, organising three events and playing DJ sets in both Dahab, Sinaï and Caïro. If you are interested to play in Egypt or connect with the community, then send me an
email or find us on



Ecstatic Dance Egypt, now running in Dahab and Cairo since April '19 

DJ Ukraine 1.jpg


A typical Ecstatic Dance event takes either place in the morning or evening and starts with a guided warm up or 'ceremony' of 20-30 minutes consisting of various movement practices that support us to relax our body and mind, become familiar with the dance space and the other dancers. After this, the DJ of the evening will take us on a two hour musical journey that includes many different styles and rhythms of music which allow you to enjoy various dances, ranging from gentle and sensitive to upbeat, bold and ecstatic.

During the dancing there are always five guidelines that are respected to make the evening a blissful and safe experience for everyone. These are:

1. No talking

2. No intoxication (no alcohol, drugs etc.)

3. Dance however you wish

4. Respect yourself and one another

5. We dance barefoot

Come and enjoy the dance with us!









(photo above taken at the Ecstatic Dance of 2016 at Corfu by Axel Hebenstreit)

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