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Agenda & Events


03/07: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
07/07: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
12/07: Dance
 facilitator at Let's Dance 4 Light with DJ Polyesta
13/07: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
22/07: DJ set at 
Watdajel Festival Utrecht with SpaceAgePoetry
27/07: DJ set at 
Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

28/07DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

04/08: Tatou Tatou E - Workshop Sacred Polynesian Practices with Matiu Te Huki
17-21/08: DJ Sets at Ecstatic Dance Fest in Ukraine
20/08: Workshop Dream Dancing at Ecstatic Dance Fest in Ukraine

05/09: Ecstatic Dance DJ sets at Ibiza
19-22/09: DJ sets & Healing Songs performances at Bosnian Pyramid Fest


02/10: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
11/10: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Leiden

/11: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam
30/11: Cacao Ceremony & DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam


13/12: Wisdom Circle for Women @ Amsterdam
17/12: DJ set at Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

21/12: DJ set & poetry with live music at Ecstatic Dance Wageningen
22/07: DJ & live singing at Ritual Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Dance @ Rotterdam
31/12: DJ set & ceremony at Ecstatic Dance New Years Celebration @ Amsterdam





There is much wisdom in this world that needs to be revived and remembered to build the future of our dreams. A wisdom circle is a sacred gathering and collective immersion of consciousness, intuition and creativity. We will experience the power of coming together in circle to sense and share what life has taught us.
Through various practices we will deepen our connection to our heart and body to serve the unfolding and remembrance of our inherent wisdom. We will dive deeper into the mysteries of our world through themes such as conscious creation, space and time, sexual energy and the dance of the masculine and feminine, art, physics and metaphysics, ceremony, song, nature wisdom and the elements and more.
During these circles there will always be space for creative and spontaneous intuitions to be shared in the moment, and there is usually room for at least one or two co-creators to co-facilitate these circles.

September 20, 2019

A Sacred Gathering from September 20-22 at the Bosnian Pyramids.

We will dedicate this gathering happening at International PeaceDay to weave community and generate a powerful field of healing energy through sacred arts, yoga, music and dance.


This is a pre-gathering for our bigger event in 2020.

If you feel the call, please contact us via or our event and page


Are you ready for the next level (r)evolution?

Ecstatic Dance Fest Carpathian Mountains - Ukraine

August 15, 2019

The very first International Ecstatic Dance festival in Ukraine will take place August 15-22, 2019 in the Carpathians mountains!

JOIN >>>

This is a great event for fans of freemotion and spontaneous dance, contact improvisation, performers, yogis and those who love just to move with a music!
This is a place where you don’t have to know how to dance, all you need is just to listen to your own ecstatic body, and it will dance by itself!

This is a deep practice of immersion, an opportunity to learn how to move totally here and now not regarding to social constraints, gender, age and worldview.
This is a ritual of dance where there is only you, your body and soul music that allows you to open your heart!

Tatou Tatou E / We Stand Together - Sacred Polynesian Practices for Men & Women

August 04, 2019

Ancient cultural wisdom meets modern day life and society in this unique day workshop that offers a profound introduction into sacred Maori and Hawaiian practices for empowerment, love and deepening connection for both men and women.
This workshop also includes several simple yet powerful masculine / feminine and warrior of the heart practices that are deeply honoring and healing.

In a warmly welcoming, engaging and empowering way Matiu and Anthe will hold a safe, intimate and sacred space to guide you deeper into the ancient sacred practices of:
✧ Haka - The traditional Maori power dance
✧ Hongi - sharing breath of life
✧ Men and Women circle
✧ Touch from the Heart
✧ Dance
✧ Hawaiian Ho’oponopono - love & Forgiveness ritual
✧ Traditional song
and more

We will deal with light and shadow. This workshop is suitable for anyone up for true growth and deeper connection.

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