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Aquatic Therapy
rebirthing our soul through the waters

Aquatic therapy and water massage is a regenerative, therapeutic treatment in the water that works very deeply on the physical body, deep tissue and nervous system, our mental and spiritual bodies. It is a true aquatic rebirth.
This deeply relaxing method supports you to release stress and trauma stored deep in the cellular memory of your body, release physical as well as emotional blockages, access your subconscious and Thetha states. All to come back home to ~ and remember ~ our essential Self and your state of wholeness.
Held in as space where you flow freely and being carried by the water, allows you to let go of the mind and trust deeper in the flow of life.

What hurts the soul?
To live without tasting the water of it's own essence.
- Rumi​

I aim to offer this work for free or reduced rates to children and adults in economically weaker areas where there is a lot of collective trauma as a means of collective healing. If you wish to support our work, please consider making a donation:


Water is the body of consciousness. And I am passionate about working with water in many therapeutical shapes and forms through e.g. music, dance and movement, ceremonies, art, conscious evolutionary education and massage.
Through my Wisdom Water project I aim to bring raise awareness through my work of conscious water keeping and the profound effects this can have on our conscious evolution and health.


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