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Dragon dance ceremonies

One tiny flame of Love can set the whole World on Fire.
Ignite that Light!

~ Anthe Aelea


Dragon Power is about choosing to step into your greater Self through connecting to the core of both our deepest vulnerability ánd ecstatic power: our seed and source of Life. Through transforming fear back to pure LOVE, compassion and sovereign, creative power and joy you can empower a life created from your highest light.

On a mystical level, Dragon’s are ancient protectors and wisdomkeepers of the Earth. They are connected to the Whales on our planet, the power that rises through our spine and here to remind us of the more beautiful and magical world that our hearts know exist.


On a very physical, earthy level, Dragon energy supports as a communicator between our light body and physical body through our heart and kidneys, inspiring our courage and vital, sexual life force.


Awaken and unleash your Dragon’s dream in this ceremony where we will tap into our power through opening in vulnerability and ecstasy. We will rise into our deeper self through a combination of practices that awaken the ancient wisdom of our bodies and heart, our kundalini and life force and the memory that resides in our bones and our spine. A self that is knowing, wise, playful, deeply anchored into the heart and hearth of the earth and fully aware of it’s creative magic.


For upcoming ceremonies stay tuned via the newsletter and social media

born of raw Earth and the Sun
I am the winged one
who beholds eternal wisdom

I live inside your blood, our blood of Earth
Her love, her pain, runs through our veins,
perishes, renews, creates

I move within you as you breathe
and teach you immortality
For when this dimension dissipates

yet another world awaits

in a realm beyond what man calls real

there is so much magic to reveal


So come to know your truth my soul

And let me show you

what you’re made of

This undying Divine Love


20-04-2020 by Anthe Aelea





September 9th ~ for Women
Amsterdam, NL | 7:30-10:30PM | Paleis 180

September 21st ~ Equinox Edition
Amsterdam, NL | 7:00-10:30PM | Clifford Studios, Grote Zaal

October 10th ~ Portal of Light
Amsterdam, NL | 7:00-10:30PM | Clifford Studios, Grote Zaal

December 6th ~ for Women
Amsterdam, NL | 7:30-10:30PM | Paleis 180

February 22nd ~ Sacred Gathering 'Dar a Primera Luz'
Sembrando Vida, Mazatlan, MEX

May 1st ~ Bacalar
Akalki Templo | 7:00-10:30PM

May 4th ~ Playa del Carmen
Pueblo Sacbé | 7:00-10:30PM

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