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A Wisdomkeeper knows the importance of embodied knowledge - listening to their heart and walking their talk.

- Anthe

'Yesterday I was clever, 

so I wanted to change the world. 

Today I am wise, 

so I am changing myself.'

- Rumi

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I want us to remember


The origins of our being

That kickstarted the beating of our heart

and imparted us this life.

The hidden treasures buried inside 

our cells and soul

The only true gold in this whole world.


Keep digging for that holy grail.

Even when it seems to no avail,

go to the bone.

Know that you are not alone.

There is a way home.


If only we would trust our own heart and gut..

The guidance is right there for us

Others have gone before us.

And are happy to support us on our mission

with eternal wisdom and vision.


If you observe and listen closely

move, compose and play fluently 

with all the pure waves of sound and light

You will soon find,

how you can bend and shift time

And everything in this life

is longing for you to realize and see

the vastness of your own mystery.

Today Today is my birthday
My re-birthday.
For every year, every moment
we are born again.

Like a Phoenix we’ll burn, we'll rise 
transform and fly
The more I live, the more I die
The more I die, the more I become alive
The more I become, the more I am none

Until all lapses into one.



(Re-birthday poem written 24-07-2019)

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