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Your magic pulled me in
and left my heart raw, open and wild,
as I danced along your winds
and dreamed in your endless space like a child.

(excerpt from my poem  'Jordan')



If you could dream up an entirely new world and life,
what would it look and feel like?
Forget about everything you've been told that doesn't chime with your soul.
Dream bold.
For as unrealistic as they may seem,

the world needs your wildest, most beautiful dreams
to be danced into reality.

This world is a place full of magic, and we are here to create, live and experience it.
Since ancient times people have used the practice of dreamwork, visualisation and conscious creation, song and dance to help manifest their visions and consciously co-create their reality.

The First Nation people from Australia referred to the Dreamtime as the time of original creation by Spirit, the Native American tribes have been performing dream dance ceremonies for almost 1,5 centuries, Sufi Dervishes whirl to connect with the Divine source of creation and in various other cultures music, rhythm, breath and dance have been a way to connect with what we know as the Lucid State - the State of Awakened Dreaming and Creation.

Dream Dancing™ aims to explore this deep state of awakened dreaming.
It is
an immersive journey of dance, breath, and voice work where we will explore the borders of time and space and play with the state between dream and reality, trance and lucidity. We will dive into our subconscious, look into the meaning of our dreams and how we can work with them to consciously create our life.

As part of this, we will also work with tools for visualising and consciously creating our dreams for the future and practice working intentionally with our energy, movement, sound and thought. 
We will activate our physical as well as our energetic light body through meditative movement. The sacred geometry of the Lightbody is also called the Merkaba, which means light (Mer) spirit (Ka) body (Ba). Our Merkaba brings together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being and links our multidimensional Self with the infinite universe.


This workshop is my own unique concept since 2017, inspired by elements of dreamwork, conscious dance, conscious creation, voice work, sacred geometry, shamanic and sufi practices.

'This place is a dream.
Only a sleeper considers it real.'

- Rumi



Photos below were taken by Magdalena Smolarska in India and Alexandra Shakhnovskaya during the Dream Dancing workshop at  Ecstatic Dance Fest 2019.


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