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Photo 2015 by Simon Rowe

STORies that make the world go round 

THROUGH WORDS, Images and sound...

Communication and the art of storytelling are vital elements in any form of education, (organisation) innovation and community building to convey the essential knowledge or message in a connected, effective and appealing way.

Through my passion for education, social innovation and art, I enjoy offering my wide variety of tools in media and communication to assist in drawing out the vision and telling the story of innovative, sustainable and humanitarian organisations, artists and change makers.

I also love to share inspiration from my own life, personal growth, arts, metaphysics and travels around the world, which you can find on my
Instagram, Youtube Channel and Blog with written articles.

My creative storytelling toolbox includes my work experience as a freelance filmmaker, photographer, web editor for the future affairs documentary program
VPRO Tegenlicht, Operation Education , Circle Economy and Polly Higgins' Ecocide platform Voices of the Earth. 
Furthermore I have experience as a 
workshop facilitator, visual artist and live radio host and presenter.

Check out my VIMEO for a glimpse of my video work. And stay tuned for more images, visual and audio content to be posted.

















Video & Visuals:
- informative, atmospheric and poetic films and photo's
- longer documentary projects related to social innovation,

sustainability and sociocultural topics.
- illustration work, graphic- and personal design

Live events:
- live interviews
- storytelling workshops and sessions
- graphic facilitation


- presenting (live) radio
- poetry, articles and interviews


Live interview with author & philosopher Joke Hermsen Nov. 2015

Innovative Icarus festival Amsterdam

Short video for Knowmads Innovative International Business School.

Polly Higgins.jpg

Interviewing Polly Higgins for Voices of the Earth, 2015 

Storytelling session at the Art of Hosting for Business training 2016.

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