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Photo by Jantien de Bood, International women Day 2017

CELEBRATE THE Love you are

Dear Women, dancers, darers, artists and heart weavers,

This page is dedicated to you. For you are Love and you are artists and wisdom keepers of life.

Within every woman lives a divine mystery,
A beauty that is waiting to unfold 
 into this world
to uplift it with her radiance of pure love.


When we come together,

When we rise up to our innermost essence and spark the light in our hearts..

When we fully embrace our soul and body and dive into the true dance of life..

Magic unfolds

Video, poem and voice over by Anthe, created at Unfold the Feminine retreat with Emese Fodor


Feminine energy is just so enourmously powerful and creative. It is the force of nature itself.
As women, we hold the capacity to manifest formless essence into physical creation. In other words:

we can envision, shape and birth the New Earth
And to do so from our highest vision, purest love and potential, in a connected and inspired way, we long for the support of other women. For this I enjoy creating, weaving and offering spaces and experiences for women to explore, share, care and support each other in safe, warm, open connection.


Therefore LOVE IS AN ART offers you:



We will experience the power of coming together in circle to sense, share and weave our wisdom together as a collective body, heart and consciousness of the Divine Feminine. In these events, all of the below mentioned offerings and practices may be interwoven to deepen our connection to our body and intuition and serve the unfolding and remembrance of our inherent wisdom. We will dive deeper into the mysteries of our world through themes such as conscious creation, time and space, sexual energy and fertility, ceremony, song, nature wisdom and the elements and more.




Here intention, meditation, ritual, movement, breath, dance and song are combined with body art to connect, draw out, embody and express our essential beauty, raw authenticity, sexuality, vulnerability and power. Here we celebrate the piece of art that you are! 

This project was born from my love and wish for women to fully embrace themselves and each other with heart, body and soul. An intention that I have long been carrying out through organising and hosting various events and moon circles for women. A successful first edition was launched on International Women's day March 8th 2017 in collaboration with wonderful ladies, bodypaint artist Liliana Hopman and photographer Jantien de Bood.


A deeply immersive experience where we will reconnect to our natural sensual flow, slow down, nourish and revitalise our bodies and deepen our breath to deeper experience and enjoy the pleasure and ecstasy of being alive in each moment, movement and sensation.
It is a self designed workshop that takes you on an inner journey into your heart through mediation, awakening the senses, combining special relaxation and fertility yoga practices with flowing elements of dance and tantric practices to relax, unblock and boost your energy.  


our instrument of intimacy
Our voice is our most intimate instrument. Working with your vocal power and expression is a profound, beautiful and at times vulnerable yet hugely empowering exploration of your innermost and truest Self.. Especially if we become more aware of the intrinsic relationship between our voice and our yoni and womb. Singing and expressing ourselves through our voice, makes us feel alive. She is our soul embodied in sound.
Through an exploration of our inner depth and feelings as well as vulnerabilities, we'll tap into the sound of our soul, connect with the beautiful instrument of our body and play our heartstrings while we awaken our vocal vitality and learn to express and manifest our innermost wisdom and hearts desires.
I call this Uttering the Uterus. Our voice bridges the world of form and our formless source of creation. And to align ourselves with the force of this source and the Divine symphony of Life, it is of great importance that we sound our truth. 
Your body is an instrument of the Divine, it wants to voice her authentic essence.

Voicing ourselves and our feelings has a profound healing effect on our body through the powerful vibration that carries through all the water and cells of our body. It can clear emotional blockages and create space to bring bring more of our truth, love and essence into embodiment through the energy 
of our song. So let yourself be moved and empowered by the sound and music of your own song and those of others!


After being asked multiple times to facilitate a baby blessing ceremony for beloved pregnant sisters, I decided to add this one to my list of offerings. If you would love to hold a baby blessing or organise one for a beloved woman in your life, it will be my honour to serve this wish in a way that fits your wishes.

Womb art 2.jpg

Art by Anthe Aelea

This event is an invitation to every woman to find her inner spark, wisdom, beauty, joy and gift in the well of stillness inside. It is here where we replenish and nourish ourselves. Here where we listen and connect deeply to ourselves and to our loved ones. From this still point and empty space we tap into our original power, wisdom and our innermost dreams.
Stillness and emptiness are so often undervalued in our world, yet they are the language of our hearts and nature of our womb. When we slow down and let ourselves be moved from this deep place inside, we get in touch with a boundless source of pure life energy and inspiration.

We experience the connection with all of life.
The intention of stillness will be supported during this evening with softening movement and breath practices, meditation, empathic touch & sharing and an immersive sound meditation.



Besides the offerings listed above, my work and (new) creations will always continue to evolve

and I am open for co-creations and collaborations.

In celebration of the Love that you are!

Video made at Women are Medicine retreat, Turkey 2013


Photo by Jantien de Bood from the first 'Love is an Art' workshop, 2017


photos taken during a beautiful YogaDance women's retreat 2017 hosted with Emese Fodor.

Dance performed by Anthe with Bodypaint by Liliana

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