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Photo taken at the Feminine Rising  retreat, 2018

our inner Beat

Since ancient times the drum has been a significant ceremonial instrument in the bridging of the spiritual with the physical realm. It's sound resembles the primordial sound of our heartbeat, the first sound we'll ever hear in our mothers womb. It helps us to connect deeper with our inner voice and guidance, effects our consciousness and the water our body and our power of creative manifestation.
Fall 2017 I was guided to work with this instrument in a more profound way, creating my own shamanic drum and inviting others through workshops to join me in this process. On the side I've started the practice of frame drumming combined with
voice. This instrument is still taking me deeper and deeper on it's journey, and I am still learning so much from working with it.

"One of the most powerful aspects of drumming and the reason people have done it since the beginning of humanity is that it changes people's consciousness.
Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, the brain and the nervous system are energized and transformed.
When a group of people play a rhythm for an extended period of time, their brain waves become entrained to the rhythm and they have a shared brain wave state.
The longer the drumming goes on, the more powerful the entrainment becomes. It's really the oldest holy communion."
~ Layne Redmond



Create your own Drum
The process of making your own drum is a transformational and healing experience in itself. From choosing the animal who's skin you'd love to work with and connecting to it's medicine, to choosing the type of wood for your drum frame and creating something so personal with your hands is absolutely magnificent.
Even in ancient indigenous traditions making your own drum is regarded as an initiation for anyone who enters onto the mystic and shamanic path. It will support you in connecting deeper with your own inner wisdom and healing power through listening to your inner voice and guidance and bringing this as healing sound into the world.

For more information and upcoming workshops, contact me.

(all drums in the video and photos below were hand crafted and painted by yours truly)


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