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Rainbow Dancer

Coaching: create peace, purpose and harmony in your Life through an Alignment session

Desert Dance 1

Dance & Yoga


Music: 'No other art form can play our heartstrings and emotions like music.'

Dream Dancing Course: consciously create and invoke your dreams into reality

Water dance Bacalar 1b

Wisdom Water: Conscious Water work, Water Dance & Massage


Superhero discount on Coaching: 'Make a change, listen to your inner voice, make a new choice.'

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Dream Dancing Course: consciously create and invoke your dreams into reality

Water Women 1

Sacred Arts for Women

Jepun ritual Bali 1_edited

Sacred Arts: Ceremonial Dance, Song, Drum and more


Facilitation for social innovation: 'Inspire and create, connect and innovate'

Inspiring stories that make the World go round to through words, images and sound.

Building the Rainbow Bridge B

Transformational Group Sessions

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Life is an art that flows from the heart which we can enjoy through harmonising our body, mind and soul.

Igniting our mere potential, gifts and the positive shift we love to sea in our world, starts when we real~eyes our true nature of Peace and the power of the Love that we are.

To be and live Aloha.

It is this realisation I wish to inspire you to flourish into!


It is my honour and pleasure to bring my offerings, inspiration and gifts to you!
As a DJ, dancer, holistic coach, artist, teacher and facilitator of conscious events, I contribute my art and gifts to co-creating a thriving world where we can flourish in harmony together. 
Weaving melody, movement and dreams of peace between worlds and hearts across the globe.
I practice the alchemy of harmony, the embodiment of integrity and sovereignity,  live with divocean and invoke life's lucidity and transcendent poetry through experiences that speak to the heart, move the body and elevate the spirit. 

Engaging, uplifting and profound, I orchestrate movement and sound, beauty, energy, words and song to illuminate body, heart and soul and transcend our conditioned mind, to align with the greater symphony of Life. 

I encourage you to always cherish a sense of wonder and gratitude about life,
the wonder of who you are and the people and world that surround us.
Our sense of wonder continuously opens us to truly allow life's magic to unfold.

So thank you for wondering and wandering here. 


Peace is my message
Love is my gift

Truth is my sword

The spell of sacred words

Light, sound, movement in waves

Is my eternal play


Aloha Nui,




You can stay tuned for updates and events,

contact me for questions, appointments and bookings and follow my whereabouts

through my Instagram.





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