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Soulful sound

Listening to the music within..


Music is one of the big loves of my life.

I feel no other art form can so directly and effectively play our heartstrings and emotions like music.

I love to work and play with the balance and waves of sound and silence,
stirring movement and weaving atmospheres while playing a DJ set or during my classes.

To sing and create music in every possible way, together or by myself.

To experience the power of sound and my body as an instrument.

'The melody lifts my energy'

As a DJ my sound resonates with the moment and provides a musical trip around the world through a dynamic flow of warm, soulful, sensual songs, world music, deep electronic fused tribal grooves and mysterious melodies, sometimes even mixing in my own vocals. I love to take a crowd of dancers on a journey and play mostly at (conscious) festivals and dance events like Ecstatic Dance. My sound is coloured by my love for exotic places, their native cultures, roots and rituals. You can find my uploaded mixes on my Mixcloud profile.
















photo taken at Burning Man festival 2017


Here are already a few pieces of music for you.
​Check out my Mixcloud and Soundcloud account for latest updates:

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