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Dear beautiful Woman,


Within every woman lives a divine mystery,

A beauty that is waiting to unfold into this world

to uplift it with her radiance of pure love.


When we come together,

When we rise up to our innermost essence and spark the light in our hearts..

When we fully embrace our soul and body and dive into the true dance of life..


Magic unfolds.


Dear beautiful Woman,


We invite you to join our sacred circle of women and be held in warm Sisterhood.

In a beautiful city Oasis on a ship along the open water, we will create a safe space to discover and dive more deeply into experiencing and embracing our feminine essence, power and sensuality.


On this Yogadance retreat, held in a safe and loving small circle of women, we can open ourselves, share, connect and surrender to our Shakti energy. To fully embrace and rise up to your inner Goddess.


Nourishing a healthy connection with our Sacred Feminine is essential to feel anchored in our pure essence, inner-beauty and power to fully embrace and love ourselves. This unity opens the door to a deeper feeling of oneness, a rich world of senses, beauty, abundance and happiness.


We will share and celebrate together and nourish ourselves with beauty, delightful music (live by DJ Anthe), dance and movement meditations. There will be delicious vegan meals and opportunities for relaxation in hot tub, sauna and open water.


Anthe and Emese will guide and support you to unfold your Divinity and blossom as beautiful flowers. It is our wish to guide you into closer connection with your true-self, into expression and full embodiment of the beautiful woman you are.

We dedicate this retreat to you.

For you are Love and you are artists of life.

May the safe space of sisterhood inspire you to unfold your essence, to blossom


With much love,


Anthe & Emese


✵ What is Yogadance and Moving Meditation?:

It is a creative fusion of dance elements and traditional yoga asanas, music and breath-work.

Throughout the retreat, we will be invoking and working with the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and the chakras to raise our Shakti energy. This enables us to deeply feel, experience and live our essence: the gentle and yet powerful Goddesses that we truly are.


✵ To Whom?

The Sacred Feminine Yoga Dance is an offering for all women feeling the call to dive into, dance and celebrate their own Divinity..

It is a dance of remembrance, remembering our true power and beauty.



In this five day retreat we will make a journey through our own body, along with the energy system. Each day will have a focus on a specific element and chakra.:

*1st DAY- GROUNDING WITH MOTHER-EARTH: Our focus will be on finding home within and without with the Element of Earth. We’ll start the day with a deeply grounding practice, awakening our senses and rediscovering the World around us..

*2nd DAY- FLOWING WITH THE WATERS: We will be connecting to the Sea and all Waters awakening the energies of the Sacral Chakra by experiencing our emotional body and sensuality through creative & fluid movements and techniques.

*3rd DAY- EMPOWERMENT WITH THE SUN: We will be breathing & dancing with the Sun, cultivating fire in our Solar Plexus with a fiercy yoga/dance practice. We’ll rise as powerful and strong Warrioresses, burning&transforming all that do not serve us anymore.

*4th DAY- OPENING OUR HEARTS: We will be dancing and connecting with our hearts wide open. Feeling, breathing listening to deepest call of our hearts. Loving, laughing, crying, sharing with a courageous and compassionate heart.

*5th DAY- EXPRESSING OURSELVES: This day is all about self-expression, finding our voices and openly sharing, expressing ourselves through poetry, story-telling, drawing, music, singing, dancing.

*ECSTATIC DANCE EVENINGS - DANCING WITH OUR INNER WISDOM AND INTUITION: on our last day we will be connecting to our deepest essence, the feminine through our inner wisdom & intuition


✵About Emese

Emese is a dancer-yogini trained in various yoga, dance and Priestess lineages. Her introduction to yoga 15 years ago inspired her to combine her years as a trained dancer and the connective flow of the yogic journey


She developed a unique program of moving meditation, aligning the chakra system and synchronicity with the elements (Air, Sun, Water, Earth, Ether) which is designed to awaken the flow of energy.


Emese travels internationally and offers classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings combining movement, dance, yoga, breath-work, meditation, symbolism, music and rituals.


✵About Anthe

Anthe is an artist who works with the healing arts as a coach, dancer and yoga facilitator. Her passion for music inspired her move behind the DJ decks. She offers her musical journeys and classes at various conscious events and festivals, e.g. Ecstatic Dance.

She teaches group and private classes in Yin and Hatha yoga and her self developed flow combining yoga and dance, which is a meditative, fluid exploration of the balance between deep stillness and dynamic movement and sound. 
All her classes invite to play with the balance between deep stillness and dynamic movement and sound, integrating meditation in everything that moves us.


Anthe has been active in the field of social innovation and healing, offering her skills as a filmmaker, coach and facilitator of workshops and women circles. During this retreat she will serve a colourful palette of music, movement meditation, song, bodypaint and ritual.


✵ Location

This retreat is presented by the urban paradise Odessa. Odessa is a conscious vegan art ship where city and nature are intertwined, a platform for conscious events and communities. The location, surrounded by water will give an extra juicy vibe to the retreat.


✵ Vegan Food

A vegan chef will prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinner for all participants, which is included in the price. This food is not only healthy and delicious, it also prepared with love and care and with ingredients that will support you in your journey


✵ Registration:

Early: €425 (until 30 May 2018)

Regular: €485 (until 15 July 2018)

Late: €525

Register here:


For questions and inquires: or


More inspiration:

website: |

Instagram @eme_fodor |

Vimeo: Eme Fodor |

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