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Yoga-dance LIVE

Yoga dance LIVE is a flow of Yoga combined with dance guided by live music. 
The Yoga Dance Flow takes you on a journey from deep stillness into dynamic movement in a fluid combination of meditation, yoga and dance. It is a movement meditation class I designed to experience movement from a place of stillness within and play with the balance of silence and sound.

The flow starts with meditative practices that connect us with our breath and body and gradually evolves into more dynamic asanas which warm us up for a gently guided, improvised, dynamic dance flow. At the end of each workshop we integrate our practice with a gentle cool-down and Savasana. The flow is partially inspired by Gabrielle Roth's five rhythms flow and ends with a warm bath of music for a meditative finish of your experience.











































photos taken by Nikki Bogman during a Yogadance LIVE workshop in 2017 at Club Lite, Amsterdam.

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