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Yoga and Dance classes and events

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Music: 'No other art form can play our heartstrings and emotions like music.'

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Superhero discount on Personal Coaching: 'Embark on a journey of love and personal freedom'

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Sacred Arts: Ceremonial Dance, Song, Drum and more

Self Realisation: Coming home to yourself..

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For Women: Offerings dedicated to you

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Dream Dancing: Dance and Sing your dreams into reality


Facilitation for social innovation: 'Inspire and create, connect and innovate'

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Storytelling: 'Stories that make the world go round, through words, images and sound'


Blog: 'I have something to celebrate. I'm waking up to the dream of Love.'

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A warm welcome to my webpage


A place to offer my inspiration, (he)art and coachings to you.
My birth name Anthe means to blossom. Alike the symbolism of my name I like to contribute my work to co-creating a thriving world where we can flourish together.

I thrive on making other people thrive. 

I like to shift and shake up this world in the most positive, beautiful, creative and life changing way possible.

I do this through offering my work worldwide as a Coach, Artist, DJ, Social Changemaker, Creative Facilitator, Yoga and Dance teacher and being a life long learner.


To me life is an art that we can enjoy and master through various practices of the body, mind and soul.

Realising our natural potential and the positive impact we love to see in our world often mainly requires us to (re)connect to the heart of the matter.
It is this connection I wish to spark through offering my work and tools in yoga and dance, music, coaching,  storytelling, film and creating and facilitating meaningful workshops and events.

I encourage everyone to always cherish a sense of wonder about life,
the wonder of who you are and the people and world that surrounds us.
Our sense of wonder continuously opens us to truly allow life's magic to unfold.

So thank you for wondering and wandering here. 

You can stay tuned for updates and events,

contact me for questions, appointments or bookings or follow my whereabouts

through my instagram.



With love,

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