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Photo by Sharon Geernaert 2018

Dreaming in the desert._On my way to imm

..and welcome to my page, a place where I share my gifts and dreams with you.
My name is Anthe, which means to blossom. Alike the symbolism of my name I like to contribute all of my work to (co)creating a thriving world where we can flourish together.

Passionate about life, relationships, education, nature and social innovation, I often find that realizing our natural potential or the positive change we love to see in our world mainly requires us to (re)connect to the heart of the matter.

It is this connection I wish to sprak through my work.

I believe in harmony and the power of true connections and importance of tuning in with ourselves and others to create this. For sharing our ideas, wisdom and feelings in various ways can inspire a greater understanding, compassion and awareness of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

This is key to make deeper connections, build bridges and relate and collaborate from genuine intentions. To use collective knowledge, build safe networks and catalyze positive transformation to ensure a bright, peaceful and green future. 

You can contact me by sending a message 

and find me on instagram and Linkedin.

Happy to connect!

With love,

Anthe de Weerd

Photo by Filiz Telek, 2013


 noun. al·​che·​mist | \ ˈal-kə-mist
: A person who studies or practices alchemy
: Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better

Background and Education

I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, yet raised the first years of my life in an international environment in Oman, the Middle East. This already inspired me with a rich palette of cultural flavours and an understanding of their relationships at a very young age. Call me a third culture kid.
Most likely this influence of my early childhood has fuelled my undying interest in other cultures, my love for exotic (sunny) places and nature and my strong inclination to global, international communities and networks. Yet last but not least.. it surely sparked my love for traveling. As soon as I wrapped up my High School, I was off working to save money for my first trip around the world in Latin America. And I have learned so much more from exploring the world, spending time in nature and being with amazing people, than any regular school has taught me.


Bridging Worlds
My travels around the world, studies in art school, dance and academic background in history and culture studies - with minors in journalism and documentary film - have lead me to find meaning, understanding and bridges between different worlds and perspectives in a creative way. To go to the essence and the deeper 'why' of things and find the common ground beyond apparent differences, on which to build those bridges and networks.

Group Facilitation & Co-Creation

Building meaningful and supportive (international) networks, communities, platforms and organisations through co-creation and participatory leadership has always been part of my work as a coach and creative facilitator in the field of education and social innovation. The tools that my training in the practice of Art of Hosting and Participatory Leadership and Non Violent Communication have given me in this have greatly supported me along this path of building inspiring, nourishing and lasting relationships and communities through co-creation.

Education Innovation
Education - learning and sharing wisdom and experience - has always had my heart. Yet due to my dis
satisfaction with the established school system, I have been actively supporting new innovative Education initiatives. Starting in 2012 with offering visual communication services for the Operation Education movement in The Netherlands, to founding and building De Universiteit learning community in Amsterdam in 2013, following a program at Knowmads International Business School and being an active member of the Open Masters international learning community until 2014. Still until this day I am lending my skills for any initiative that rings home for me, and started organising and facilitating wisdom circles.

Energy- & Bodywork

Both for my personal growth and my practice as a coach, yoga and dance facilitator I have been deepening my understanding and experience of the human body, mind and soul throughout the years.  
Becoming a practitioner in various energy healing therapies and systems such as
Reiki, Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light method, Quantum Healing, the Hawaiian principles of Huna and Aloha and Life Alignment have inspired me greatly. As did spreading my practice and love for facilitating yoga, (conscious) dance and the powerful effects of movement, meditation, music, sound and songI love how all of these can add immense value and deepen our awareness in processes of transformation and learning, e.g. in healing, relationships, education and business. To restore health and balance and create fertile environments for (personal) growth.

Yoga & Dance
As a certified yoga teacher I've studied various types of yoga, which you will find listed in my yoga offerings.

My path with dance started at as a young girl with ballet. Then in my teenage years latin dances and contemporary dance followed, until I was introduced to conscious dance in 2012, after which I immersed myself in the practice of 5Rhythms Dance, Movement Medicine and Soul Motion
Through my love for various cultural flavours, I've also studied multiple dance traditions during my travels around the world such as Persian dance, Oriental dance, Balinese dance, Sufi whirling and the two month intensive Holistic Dance Language training during the Temple Arts & Mystery School by Zola Dubnikova in India.


In order to ensure clarity of purpose and meaningful action and direction for the benefit of the whole, storytelling​ has been one of my favourite tools. Whether I convey or facilitate them through film, writings, radio, dialogue, dance, music or live storytelling sessions and performances, stories have shown themselves to be a vital element in any form of education, (organisation) innovation and community building to convey the essential knowledge or message in a connected, effective and appealing way. Read more about my background in film, journalism, radio and visual art here.

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