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The power of the number 13

Today is Friday 13th, a day that is covered in a myth of bad luck, and is interestingly also associated with the powerful qualities of the feminine, life energy, healing and creation. So why is Friday 13th often associated with bad luck? Why do we have 12 months, but 13 moons in a year? Is there actually a 13th star sign?

--- 13 as the number of Wholeness and Creation --- 13 is a fascinating number, it is the number of wholeness, and represents the trinity of masculine-feminine-god united as one. God in this respresents the third energy of non-dual expanded consciousness that is sparked when two polarities meet in truth and love. In essence one could say that the masculine energy and consciousness holds the gift of guiding into truth and the feminine of opening and guiding into love. The most physical manifestation of the meeting between both is the conception of a child, a new consciousness and human being. The expansive transcendence of these three energies merging into one, is the same one we experience when we merge our spiritual with our material reality. Our bodies being the place where the both meet. --- 13 and the True Feminine --- In a year, we count 13 moon cycles. Strangely, we count 12 months in our linear calendar, whereas the word 'month' is derived from the period between two new moons and a cycle of 28 days. The 13th moon is associated with Lilith. Lilith is known from ancient times to be the first woman and the original wife of Adam. As the story goes, she refused to be submissive to Adam as she wanted to relate to him as equals. She was then banned from the Paradise, whereafter she lived with demons. A new wife for Adam, known as Eve, was created from one of his ribs. They lived in Paradise together until the serpent seduced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit. This is the story as most people know it. However, there is much symbolism in this story which could be explained in a completely different manner than the old story. Let me therefore give you my interpretation of this old story and how it relates to the revival of feminine energy in our world:

Lilith represents the authentic feminine energy, fully in her power and entitled to share the Paradise with Adam as her equal co-creator and partner. However, as most have noticed, the feminine - representing women, mother earth, sexuality and intuition - has been long suppressed and abused within our world. When Lilith refused to submit herself to Adam, religious scholars have banned her into the shadows of our human consciousness by writing her off as a troublemaker. (and who knows they did the same with the 13th disciple of Jesus?) When Eve, symbolizing the disempowered woman, had taken her place on Adam's side, she obeyed the rules of 'Paradise' until she met the snake. The snake in many traditions symbolizes life force, also known as kundalini or simply sexual energy, and the bridge between lunar and solar, water and fire ..feminine and masculine energy. She is also known to hold the power of ancient wisdom and mystical knowledge, and the power of transformation, shedding her skin with every new stage of life that she enters. The snake offering Eve to eat the fruits from the tree of knowledge - leading to the fall of the 'Paradise' known until then - can also be explained as the re-empowerment and awakening of the feminine consciousness and sexual energy in our world, leading to a fall of the yang-dominated society. Eve also offered the fruit to Adam, pointing to a similar awakening within men. This ultimately will lead us into a dance of balance between masculine and feminine - yin and yang - in our world. A conscious dance wherein men and women will meet each other as powerful equals and co-creators, together creating wholeness: 13. (to find out more about Lilith, or her astrological meaning, in your astrological chart, feel welcome to contact me) --- The 13th Star Sign of Ophichius, the healer --- Long before headlines hit the newspapers in 2012 that a 13th sign in the zodiac had been discovered, Ophicius had been shining bright in the nighttime sky as a star sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The discussion that arose between astrologists as to wether this 13th sign had to be included in the zodiac, actually points to a much deeper question: are we ready for a profound transformation of our systems as we know them, to come into wholeness and full alignment with our deeper truth?

To enable this transformation we need to heal our wounds that have been blocking the connection with ourselves, our love and our truth. Or as Rumi put it: "your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Interestingly, Ophichius (also known as Serpentarius) holds the medicine and key to enable this transformation. As the sign of the healer and better known to the ancient Grieks as the god of medicine Asclepius, he was known to be an alchemist and master in working with the force of life. Combining his intuition with his logic and trusting his power, he made miracles happen with his healing. He held a serpent-entwined staff which until this day is still often used as a symbol by healers and doctors. Healing is the art of coming into wholeness and alignment with ourselves and others through trusting our deeper truth. There are many ways we can heal ourselves and become more whole, to fully unlock our power and potential. Again, we here see the symbolism of the number 13, a magical and powerful number indeed. As we can see, much knowledge and power is held by the number 13. It is a number that represents the power of the sum of polarities, the wisdom of non-duality and the spark of creation and transformation. What does the number 13 mean for you? I hope you enjoyed this article and warmly invite you to message me if you have any further questions regarding information shared in this article. Warmly, Anthe

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