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Corona and the current lockdown in the Netherlands were the main reason I did not celebrate christmas with my family this year. The first time ever since I was born.

Most people heard of the saying that we are born alone and die alone, and this sounds very true for me as I lost my twin sister before birth.

The feeling of loss of what one genetically could consider quite literally as another half of myself has reverberated throughout my life and led me to find solace in solitude at an early age and to dance between the world of spirit and matter. Happily diving and mermaiding around in my inner ocean to find the entire universe inside. ~ UNITED IN SOVEREIGN LIGHT ~

There is a perspective that I would like to share with you on this global pandemic that reaches beyond the apparent separation that many of us are facing.

Pandemic literally means “unity of the people”. Pan meaning unity (think of PanGaea, the first unified continent) and demic derived from demos, which means people.

Corona refers to our crown, the part of us that moves as sovereign conscious light in action and is always connected to the light of All That Is, what some may refer to as God or Source. It is the zero point of all, in which all light and life forms die and are (re)born.

Coronation means to become sovereign. Sovereign as an adult coming into wisdom as we realize our connection to All That Is and also as a child that is born and begets it’s own life seperate from it’s mother, though still connected. Even the spiraling movement of a baby through the birth channel at the moment of b-earth, is referred to as coronation of the child.


In other words, this time and pandemic bring us a global initiation to realize (real-eyes) our innate connection to all of life and also each other.

By universal law we are always connected and everything we do to ourself or another being directly ripples out into the quantum ocean, affecting the reality of our world as we create it.

This deep understanding enables true Telempathy, the innate telepathic and empathic connection that we share as beings of light enables us to communicate through thoughts and feelings over distance.

These abilities are no rocket science, new age hocus pocus or just available to the special, lucky few.. We have all been born with them. It is the way mothers feel their children and how we feel the people we love. It is the way of the Whales, who's signal and sound can be received in outer space and who basically connected like global radio stations do before we invented them with our technology. And it is the way of many other species here on Earth, including Dolphins, who are genetically very close to us.

We have a natural, innate ability for telepathy. Nevertheless it is up to each individual to listen to our inner voice and the guidance and messages that we receive through the aethers.


Now with the current updated privacy policies from Instagram and Facebook, that severely violate our privacy laws, the question is raised on how much we still wish to rely on digital communication and social media.

What did it truly bring us over time?

And even though I sea 👁️🌊 that maybe not everyone will be capable of replacing digital communications with telempathy or that internet and social media do not serve a purpose.. I just want to put this question out here for everyone to reflect upon.

Because indeed, they were once meant to serve, not to sever us.

Making a choice about whether we comply with their current violation of our privacy rights is another call to awaken our sovereignty.

We are magical beings, capable of so much more than most of us have been taught in school or their upbringing.

The choice is yours.


Knowing that we have abilities that stretch far beyond what technology can offer us, will help us maintain a healthy perspective on our relationship to it. One could say that technology needs us human beings more, than we need it. The only way we can be in healthy relationship with it, is to remember that we are not dependent on it and that it only adds to our lives when it serves and functions in alignment with the organic way of life. As for me, I am here happy at sea by myself with not much around but the ocean and the desert, and some occasional social encounters, meaningful conversations and jams at the fire in the nearby bedouin tent. It so much reminds me of the place where I grew up my first years of life.

I feel surrendered and serene.and do not plan to comply to the new facebook and instagram policies.

So please find me on Signal, Telegram or contact me through my website instead. Or find me on the aether or innernet ;)

Much love


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