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A CLEAR SUNRISE ~ Sailing on the Compass of our Hearts

After the total eclipse and solstice, Jupiter and Saturn align in the first degree of the Aquarian Sign.

This december 22nd sunrise, marked the beginning of the rest of our lives.

On this quantum ocean of possibilities, it’s important to keep course from a place of love. To ride the currents and tides with a clear heart and mind.

Occasionally you may be stirred by your fears, but don’t let your life be steered by them.


Upon the last night of the Dream Dancing course here in Egypt, during the total Eclipse and right before I was about to guide a ceremony and play my DJ set for our final dance, I received news that the Netherlands went into the heaviest lockdown since the pandemic. Christmas with family, all my gigs and classes were cancelled.

I knew it was time to recalibrate and align my next moves. So we sat down for a collective alignment session, I tuned in with my heart, dreams and inner guidance. Opening myself to receive and set course for the highest good for all.

A few days later, the Dolphins contacted me early morning through my dreams.

I have been in telepathic communication with Dolphins and Whales since my childhood. And in fact, we have a natural ability as humans to be telempathic with each other as well as with all living beings on this planet and to live with the wisdom they share with us.

The dolphins showed me they were in the bay where I stayed, so I got up and watched the sunrise, greeting them out on the ocean.

Minutes later an opportunity for a sailing trip came my way that would allow me to meet them again in the waters during the Solstice. And hours later I was offered to play a few gigs right after, enabling me to prolong my stay in Egypt.

Guidance is always here for us, and life supports us all-ways when we show up with trust and presence.

I wrote this long ago, yet it’s still vital..

When we direct our life force and creative passion from the compass of our Hearts, we create a world of infinite harmony and compassion.

This is the original blueprint of life and creation.

We ARE the New Earth.

Or better said: the ORIGINAL Earth/Heart

Beautiful Sails to you all ❤️



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