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Icarus, Icarus, do we fall or fly?

A free fall is a free flight. When we let go of our fear of falling and find the sun inside of us, life gives us wings. A poem I wrote back in the days, accompanied by a study for a painting made by my beloved mother, Marlies van Dijk.

If I could live a lighttime

I would fly away to the sun

And follow it forever

Until my wings would burn

Icares, Icares

A fall from the sky

The sky has no limit

Don’t be afraid to fly

And when I close my eyes

I will wake up in a dream

Flowers in my bedroom

And love kissing my cheeks

Icares, Icares Do we fall or do we fly? Throw caution to the wind Don’t be afraid to try Take me by the hand Through the land of neverend In boundless space we’ll find All that humanity left behind Icares, Icares Shine like a star in a nighttime sky Life is too short for limitations Don’t be afraid to die

07-02-2006 Anthe de Weerd

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