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The Jungle and the concrete Jungle

The jungle is a place that we all know deep inside of ourselves. Many mornings I find myself waking up in a concrete jungle, missing the fresh air, sounds and vibrant nature of the real jungle.

I feel so strongly connected to the places in this world where there is wildlife, abundant biodiversity and nature, wild coastlines meeting the oceans waves and volcano's. And I'm certainly not the only one out there. This quality of life, of nature, of pure spirit, medicine and nourishment that a caress of the ocean or a breath of fresh air in the tropics holds.. is pure GOLD. It has a value that no money can buy nor replace. It is bigger and more powerful than any one human can comprehend or control, and yet strangely, people continue trying to do so.. Yesterday I found myself at the Dutch Tropical Institute, where I was lured in with texts such as 'welcome to the tropics' to find nothing but a western style museum and café with triplex furniture and cheese sandwich and calf croquette on the menu. It continues to surprise me how much money is spent on building and making stuff that is only a far cry from the true pristine and sacred beauty that comes only from nature, and creating from our own true nature. And yet it takes nothing more than connecting to the nature and jungle - the source of life - within all of us to do exactly that.

When we start feeling her life force tingling again in the tips of our fingers, toes and nose.. when we start dancing again, eating natural food, singing again and let the wildness of nature fill our bones and being with the ecstasy of life.. Then we find that there are many things that our society offers, that we don't need so much. And we'll fall back in our mother nature's embrace.. and hopefully will love and protect her more. 



(Photo taken at Manu National Park, Peru 2017, All rights reserved)

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