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A LEAP OF FAITH ~ follow your heart into the unknown

Have you ever decided to completely change your plans or go for something wild & new you got inspired to do out of the blue? Take a leap of faith for no other reason then that it felt good?

For the past years my life has mostly been a beautiful unfolding adventure and a surrendering into deeper love and devotion to life. I travelled the world, met and collaborated with amazing people (like my friends in this video), resided in beautiful nature, created and facilitated conscious events, art and enchanted dancefloors and audiences 💃🏻🎶🎧

I say ‘unfolded’ as most of these events were not much preplanned or evolved from serendipities.

~ Obstacle or Growth & Adventure? ~ I could go on about the many ways that Life has bestowed me with her beauty, just because I trusted her and showed up. This doesn’t mean that everything always flows without effort or challenges.. there are still lessons to be learned along the way.

Yet the difference in approaching a challenge as an obstacle or an invitation for growth and adventure lies in awareness of your attitude. There is a part of you that can feel and see beyond the limitations that are presented by the perceived reality from our human mind. That simply ‘knows’ and is attuned to the deeper undercurrents of life, the earth and the universe.

~ Nervous or EXCITED? ~

Many times when I was about to take a leap of faith, act on a feeling of something that is dear to my heart, or perform somewhere for the first time (or do ánything I longed to do for a first time), I feel a current of energy run through in my body. Then I breathe deeply, feel my heart and ask myself:

Am I nervous.. or am I actually EXCITED?!

And the answer would usually be: FUCK YEAH, I feel EXCITED!

It is the expansion of my energy in my physical body that causes me to feel (a totally natural) shivering, tingeling sensation in these moments. When all my cells are dancing with excitement, knowing that what I’m about to do is part of the reason that I’m ALIVE.

TRUE TRUST from your heart, surrender and taking the leap of faith really works the magic!

Some examples even more magical than others. I will try sharing some of them in this and upcoming posts.


Early september last year I was in Ibiza to play an Ecstatic Dance gig when I kept running into people from Mexico and hearing about the country. Knowing the workings of my Universe I knew I had to listen up.. the synchronicities communicated something to me.

Upon returning home, I had dinner with a friend who’s other friend she invited mentioned a world ticket discount on offer for another few hours. “Thanks to this offer I booked my ticket to Mexico two years ago!” she shared enthusiastically.

“Ok Universe.. I heard you.” I thought to myself, and got on my phone to book a ticket. “January” my intuition told me. So 1st of January it was.

~ Brain chatter vs. Wisdom whisper ~

I started reaching out to some people to see if I could perform or facilitate workshops in Mexico and Guatemala.. where I was also “told” to go (by my inner voice that is). To a specific lake called Atitlán, surrounded by 4 active volcanoes, of which one happened to have been my inspiration for a painting earlier on that year (coincidence? i guess not).

Yet, despite enthusiastic communications, nothing really solidified in terms of ‘work’ and ‘gigs’ until end of November.

By that time my brain started chattering and generating a lot of doubts and ‘what ifs’.

What if there would be no work for me there in the end? What if this is a delusionary idea?

Since I was already familiar with this routine of my brain, I just kept breathing and regularly created calm and quiet moments in these days to meditate and sync my breath and brainwaves in a coherent state with my Heart.. our centre of intuitive wisdom. By attuned my energy and focus to my "Wisdom Whisper station" and minimising the interrupting noise from "Brain chatter station" I could stay calm and clear, knowing that all would be well in the end. And in the following nights I received a couple of dreams in a row, showing me in remote viewing certain specific places I would visit, people I would meet and what I was to contribute there.

One of them was “bring your dance, your song and music and perform water ceremonies” And so I did.

~ Trust always pays off, sometimes even literally ~

Straight after my NY Ecstatic Dance gig I hopped on the plain to Mexico city on 1st of January 2020, where I had a long delay in Paris due to a problem with the aircraft. Instead of getting hung up over the delay, I seized the opportunity to practice my French (as even in their international airports, the french barely speak english), connect with the energy of Isis (Paris is derived from ‘par Isis’ after the Isis temple that used to be in the place of the current Notre Dame - what a surprise..) and celebrated the fact that this delay would give me a total refund of my ticket + €200,- extra. Which meant the universe had basically covered my travel expenses.

Once in Mexico and Guatemala.. more magic unfolded then I could have ever imagined upon ‘imagining’ my time there. And for as I did have any thoughts or expectations, most of them didn't work out in that way, but in return usually even more beautiful gifts, people, work opportunities, creations and serendipities came on my path. ~ Catching the Wave ~

Then Early February, during my last week at lake Atitlán, I had another clarity session with myself. These are moments where I create a quiet space to consciously tap into my intuition and sense into what's unfolding and what's possibly to come.

It's kinda like wave surfing, where you are overviewing a vast ocean of possibilities and feeling into the currents and the waves to sense which waves are coming, which ones you'd like to catch and how to ride them. Because even when a given wave (eg situation or possibility) is coming by or moving your way, we always have a choice of how to interact with it. ~ Bless your Instincts ~ Sometimes during such sessions I am still surprised at what clarity I find once I quiet my mind. Yet more and more I surrender my mind to my deeper core. Here is a poetic water song and dance video that I created based on a Rumi poem for you. When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears. Don't let others lead you. They may be blind or, worse, vultures. Reach for the rope of God. And what is that? Putting aside self-will. (...) We are born and live inside black water in a well. How could we know what an open field of sunlight is? Don't insist on going where you think you want to go. Ask the way to the spring. Your living pieces will form a harmony. ~ Jallaluddin Rumi

~~~~~~ Dance, song, voice & edit by Anthe Aelea Camera by Oscar Luna and Luis Lovato


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