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Aligning with the Divine Time ~ Becoming One with the Heart of Life

A New Sunrise - 'Don't Divide, Be Divine' - Burning Man 2017


Today, March 30 2020, we are starting a new cycle of the sacred Mayan calendar (Tzolk’in) of 260 days, kicking off with the energy of the Red Magnetic Dragon. This cycle will end on the 14th of December, the day of a total eclipse. For the Mayans - and also in many other ancient civilisations - the Dragon (or Snake) represents the energy of the primordial Mother and the miracle of (giving) Birth or being (re)born, nourishment in the broadest sense of the the word (also from nature and source) and our instinctive being. All of these events lined up together with the current state of the world seem significant. Sounds like we're in for a collective rebirth of our world.

And quite likely, we'll burn before we'll be reborn

Burn away all our fears and false beliefs, so we can thrive as the original abundant, infinite Being and World that we naturally are at Heart. This piece will touch on some physical, metaphysical and emotional perspectives related to that. It is a writing in progress that will be further elaborated on and edited over time.

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Time for some Golden Dragon and DragonFae magic! - Burning Man 2017


I’d like to honor this sacred Tzolkin calendar as a system of time that still honors - and is based on - time cycles in alignment with nature.

For long I have been a supporter of living in alignment with nature and it’s natural cycles.

How did humanity ever create a calendar that has 12 months with illogical, irregular durations ranging from 29 to 31 days, while the word ‘month’ is derived from a period in-between two new moons and we have 13 moon cycles in a year with a duration of about 28 days? (Read more on this and the Power of the number 13 in my article)

As I already mentioned in this article, it is because of this, that the number 13 was considered a sacred number in the ancient civilisation of the Maya people. In their calendar they use three cyclical calculations which operate in perfect synchronicity: the lunar, solar and galactic count, with one additional 'Day out of Time' at the end of each solar year, which starts with the alignment of the Sun, Earth and the star Sirius on July 25th. Also other ancient civilisations like the ancient Egyptians were aware of this in their application of their sothic time cycle, which conincides with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius (also speculated to be our Sun's binary star).

These natural cycles are like the collective breath of the Earth and the Universe. A constant Coherent connection and flow ~ a current ~ between our body, our Earth body and the celestial bodies. To be in alignment with this breath is to be in alignment with Life and Creation.

Following these cycles and insights, there is no logic to our current time and calendar, although for long it has forced many of us to move out of alignment with natural time, disconnecting our thinking and our actions from nature.

And logic in this sense does not refer to ratio (ratio means ‘within a certain scope/ratio’, hence it’s implied limitations), but is derived from the Greek word ‘logos’, which means divine plan or reason.

Yes, there is a Divine plan and you're going to like it.


The Golden Time, or Golden Age, is a time which has been referred to by various ancient civilisations and described in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Vedic scriptures among others. The cold Gold represents divinity and Divine Wisdom and Consciousness. It is associated with the light of our Great Central Sun, our spiritual energetic light body and the heart of the Earth. And ultimately, it is to be found within ourselves, as the nectar and Water of Life ~ our essence and Soul ~ as often referred to by Yogic and Sufi masters. In his book Naam or Word, Yogic Master Kirpal Singh writes: "From a careful study of the {ancient} scriptures, we learn that the Water of Life or the Nectar is nothing but the Word or Logos of Christ; Naam or Shabd of the saints; Kalma of the Muslims; and Nad of the Vedic Rishis." Clearly, it seems to refer to a Divine plan and Sacred Template of Creation. Something that has been spoken of in many spiritual movements, encoded in nature and within our own body and spirit.

So what would this Divine Plan look like according to history? According to Professor William Robertson Smith in his Lectures on the Religion of The Semites (1889, London, A & C. Black) the Greeks and Egyptians described this Golden Time as follows: " their legends of the Golden Age it was told how in the earliest and happiest days of the race, when man was at peace with the gods and with nature, and the hard struggle of daily toil had not begun, animal food was unknown, and all man's wants were supplied by the spontaneous produce of the bounteous earth."

Golden Time as depicted by Konstantin Makovsky, 1889

Also Greek philosopher Plato refers to a golden race of humans who where the first humans, in his dialogue Cratylus. He also clarifies that the ancient Greek poet and author Hesiod (who lived approximately in the time of Homer), did not refer to the qualities of gold as a metal, but divine qualities when he spoke of the Golden Age. Hesiod wrote about Five Ages of Humanity and described this age as a time where peace and harmony prevailed. A time where people did not have to work to feed themselves for the earth provided food in abundance. They lived to a very old age with a youthful appearance, eventually dying peacefully, with spirits living on as "guardians" of the earth.

These are some depictions of the Golden Time that we can retrace from history.

On a personal note I have also been receiving dreams and visions over the years that announced a special time was coming. A time of Love, Truth, Peace and Union, also between the Masculine and Feminine in our World. For example this vision I received in a dream on Christmas Eve 2016.

Sounds all pretty epic. But how do we realise that?


..By realising that finally the Golden Time is about Coherent Time: a time in which our heartbeat synchronises with the pulse of Nature and the Heart of Creation. Re-attuning the rhythm of our breath, body and mind to her frequency, rhythm and natural time cycles and letting her energy and those of the celestial bodies pulsate through our whole being.

Vibrating as One, one Beat, one Primordial Sound. The fundamental Bassline to the Symphony of Life.

And if this still sounds a little too cosmic, then simply begin with becoming more aware of your own Heart - Breath - Brain coherence. Heart coherence is when we allow our heart to guide our body, mind and flow of emotions. It activates a deep meditative state of being. Our heart then communicates harmonious pulses to our brain and central nervous system, resulting in a peaceful state of mind, deep, rhythmic breath and open, unobstructed flow of emotions. In the Yogic traditions the Heart centre is referred to as the Anahatha chakra, which literally means "unstuck note" in Sanskrit. It brings us back to our natural and original, infinite state of being that enables us to experience peace and harmony within ourselves and our environment. It allows our life and creations to unfold with ease, flow and magic synchronicity, which supports us to achieve amazing things and make dreams come true.

Our Heart is an intelligent dreamer

The HeartMath Institute, a pioneer research institute in the field of Heart Intelligence, describes this intelligence as a “flow of intuitive awareness”. Our Heart literally enables us to tune into - and co-create with - the Universal Intelligence through it's ability to sync all of the systems of our body into a coherent pulse in harmony with nature.

It enables us to to bring a higher state of presence and awareness to all that we do and to all whom we relate with. Just think of how present and tuned in we are, when we experience flow in lovemaking with our beloved. It almost feels like we're dreaming, and in fact, this is the state of awakened dreaming that is called Lucid or Flow state. Our Heart is an intelligent dream creating machine! On top of that, the state of heart coherence gives you access to better overall physical and mental health and will literally help you see the world in a more positive way. Enabling you to transmute and positively flow with challenging emotions and live a happier and more fulfilling and fun-filling life.


Most likely, you have experienced at least once in your life how sometimes a moment can seem to lasts forever, or it slips through your fingers in the blink of an eye. This is because. Time is relative to our consciousness and our presence. We have a capacity to stretch, mold, warp and slow down our experience of time through our Presence in the moment.

Our experience of time has a direct correlation with the flow of our own life energy. Energy and time flows and grows where attention goes! A moment of time expands when we bring more of our love, energy and awareness to it. Like ripples of our being flowing out in ever widening spirals. Our Heart opens and relaxes and our experience of our flow of feelings / emotions and senses is amplified.

This is how we can slow down a moment / photon of time and truly feel and seize it. And also how we can envision a moment in the future and draw it's experience into our reality in the process of consciously creating our life and future. (more on that in another article, or follow one of my Dream Dancing workshops) All of this bending of time and reality is enabled through this quality of Presence that we experience in a coherent, meditative state, activated from our Heart, attuned with Nature. And finally realising that our Being is eternal.

The Golden Time is not just an Age or state of Mind Much more than that, it is a state of Heart.

Just give it a try. Close your eyes, connect with your Heart, feel it's beat and pulse and deepen your breath and then try to feel, smell, touch, hear and envision your Golden Time.


Our bodies are made of the Earth and our Heart is the physical and spiritual home of our Soul within our body. Now something special happens when we reach this coherent state between our Heart, Brain and Breath. It opens our Heart centre and motivates a vortex of energy that activates our Antahkarana - the portal and metaphysical Rainbow Bridge to our Divine Self. The Rainbow bridge symbolising the connection between consciousness and matter, the water of our material bodies and fire of our spirit.

Simply said, living in coherence with our Heart and Nature, brings us in a state of Full Presence in the NOW. To be completely, in this moment, also known as our I AM presence. It is our natural state of Harmony and Union within and connects us directly with the energy of our Soul and Source of Creation, of Love. This state of merging our individual Self and consciousness with our Divine Self and Unity consciousness gives us access to the collective field of consciousness. From this, we can truly experience, feel and understand the interconnectedness of all and all beings, as well as tap into the endless wisdom, energy and inspiration of creation. In other words, we will feel naturally inspired, energised, empathic with other beings and in love with life when we activate our Divine consciousness through our Heart.

If we live and align with this Coherent Time, we will live in alignment and Harmony with all of Life. A state of Love, of infinite Creative energy and Wisdom, a state of Peace.

This is the proverbial Gold that awaits us at the other end of the Rainbow.

Solar Halo captured by Magnus Edback, December 14 2018, near Utendal, Sweden


As some of you may have understood the Corona Virus causes a respiratory disease which affects the lungs and the area around our Heart. The lungs are the symbolical wings of the Heart and are associated with the element metal and the emotion of grief in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Activating our Heart centre will inevitably bring our awareness to our deeper, subconscious emotions that may have been suppressed or neglected and can over time literally manifest as a feeling of pressure our dis-ease in our system. The good news is that becoming aware of this is the first step to our liberation. When our Heart is open and relaxed, when we are in a calm and peaceful state of mind and breathe deeply, fully and coherently, our breath along with our vital Life energy (aka E-motion ~ Life Energy in motion, Chi, Prana, you name it) flows open and unobstructed with ease through our bodies and revitalised and energises us PLUS it will support our bodies to detox in a healthy, natural way. Now in addition to this, some information about the immense importance of maintaining a healthy sane state of body, heart and mind in relation to preventing disease through some scientific facts. Thank you Tom Barnett:

In short, our biggest dis-ease is caused by a state of FEAR

When the Heart contracts or goes in “lock-down” because of a perceived fear, hurt or betrayal, our breath also contracts, ice also prevents our body from completing the full cycle of breath hws our Heart and lungs are intimately connected. It is like holding and clenching our wings tightly instead of spreading them open and wide, allowing us to fly. When we clench and contract due to perceived hurt, we also communicate this contraction to the brain which results in feelings of fear, distrust and withdrawal as opposed to the feelings of trust, bliss and love when we live in a coherent, relaxed state of Heart. "Fear is not the opposite of Love, it is the absence of Love." ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

Now that most of the world seems to be in "lock-down" and a fearful state, it is an invitation for us to relax into our own perceived fears, detox from negative beliefs and let them dissolve in more Love to come back Home to our Hearts and a state of ease and Peace. Our Golden Time. So take a deep breath with the Earth, flow with ease in Peace and release your past hurt.

Another interesting insight is that the name Corona refers to Halo, or 'Crown of Light'. This is the Golden Crown we see depicted on the images of saints that illustrates their Aura and state of enlightenment: a Heart centred consciousness that activates the connection to your Divine Self and Source, the Golden Central Sun, God.. whichever name resonates for you. This is happens through the activation of the metaphysical Rainbow Bridge - our Antahkarana - as mentioned earlier in this article.   It is also refers to the Aura of plasma that surrounds our Sun and other Stars. The corona or Halo of our Sun extends millions of kilometres into space and is best perceived during a total Solar Eclipse. However it is also observable with a telescopic attachment called coronagraph, which is designed to block out the direct light from a Star, so that nearby objects – which would otherwise be overshined by the Star's bright Light, can be observed.

Our Sun's Corona during the Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The first I ever saw with my own eyes in Oregon, US.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars” 

..spoke Martin Luther King. “It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied together into a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We are made to live together because of the interrelated structure of reality . . .Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world. This is the way our universe is structured, this is it's interrelated quality. We aren’t going to have peace on Earth until we recognize the basic fact of the interrelated structure of all reality.” (M.L. King in his 1967 Christmas Sermon on Peace)

Image from the famous story of 'The Little Prince' after the author's plane crash in the desert.

"For a Star to be born,

there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous Nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is your birth." ~ Zoe Skylar

Any darkness or crisis that we face, is really an invitation to embrace all condemned parts of our being back into Love and see our own value and Light, and the Light of the people and World that surrounds us, more clearly. This is what is sometimes referred to as our Dark Night of the Soul.

A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART An opening and reset into the Torus Zero Point Energy Field,

the point of Love and Radiant Abundant Free Source Energy.

Engraved Hourglass Supernova Nebula: the death of a giant Star gives rise to the birth of new Stars from its nebula.


The natural state of energy  and the Universe is flow, a constant coherent breathing pattern ~ a DANCE. As described earlier in this article, this is a state which anyone can attain when aligning ourselves with Natural Time and be fully present in the NOW moment from our Heart. When we look at the energy field of a Tree, a Human being, the Earth, or really any living organism and even the formation of a new Star or Supernova nebula, we find that they all have a similar shape and energetic pattern (as shown in the images above). This energetic pattern is known as the Torus field or Quantum Zero Point Field. One could say that it is a natural dynamo, that thrives and generates infinite energy through our electromagnetic field. Much like a constant pulsating flowing vortex of energy that accesses the electrical power right out of the surrounding sphere and pulls it via it's magnetic field through it's Zero Point.

The Torus field of a Tree and the Earth

Modern day inventor Adam Trombly describes this natural dynamic in the 2012 film Thrive as follows: "When we contemplate nature, when we contemplate how the planet Jupiter or the Earth is rotating, we are basically talking about a magnet which is rotating in space. And the lines and flux of the magnet are pouring down and through in the same Toroidal (Polar) Pattern of the Magnetic Field. It is also expanding and contracting, it's breathing and taking in the energy of space literally and transforming it. In this Toroid (Torus field), we have enough energy to transform the entire Earth. And that's not just a theoretical statement, it is literally true.. " "..Just contemplating the implications of this means that every single place on Earth suddenly has power, every single person on Earth suddenly has power. We have Universal Abundance!" Yet, even though the examples of Trombly's dynamo and Nicola Tesla's Free energy experiments (as also explained in the first video below) are certainly marvellous, our access to free energy does not depend on technology which may or may not be boycotted by companies and government forces (as happened in the cases of Tesla, Trombly and many others). The reason why is because in my humble perception, any outer technological device is still a distraction from our inherent, magnificence as Divine Beings, and also from how.. ..finally our Sacred Bodies are the most refined technological masterpiece and free energy generators that we could wish for.

And again, it all comes back to aligning with Nature, Natural time and a coherent state of Heart and Mind. A deep meditative state that activates the natural dynamo of our (energetic) body, which generates abundant energy. Just like the energy that Chi Kung Master John Chang aka Dynamo Jack (see the second video below) is able to generate within his body and which enables him to heal his clients and move and burn objects. Through practice and meditation he unifies the electric and magnetic poles in his body and accesses the infinite energy of the Universe, which he calls Chi, through the Zero point of our Universe and Consciousness. Really, Human Beings and our bodies are nothing but a Miracle of Creation and once we come to this full Realisation, we are capable of sheer magic. I recommend you to watch the following two videos to understand the dynamics of the Torus field more deeply and how it relates to creating abundance and free energy in our world, also through our own bodies.


A coronation or 'crowning' is the ceremonial act of placing a (golden) crown upon the head of a person that is bestowed with regal power, like kings and queens. Crowing is also a term that is used symbolically for the process of a baby coming into this world as it spirals down through the birth channel. The head and 'crown' of the baby is usually the first part of the body that comes out during birth. In Yogic traditions the crown chakra is referred to as an important energetic vortex point located on the crown of our heads, which connects us to our higher wisdom and Divine consciousness. Activating our 'crown' would come as a result of our peaceful, meditative practice of awareness. This is the earlier mentioned state of Heart Coherence which activates the portal and bridge to our Divine Self, and Unity Consciousness. For full clarity I would like to add that meditative practice is not only the practice of sitting meditation, but can be done in countless ways, even while doing the dishes. As long as we move, act and direct our energy with awareness and bring our full Presence to it, anything can become a meditative practice. In fact, all of Life can become a meditation. This state of being IS the I AM Presence and Zero Point. This is what the Sufi's refer to Allah, meaning the point of All and Nothing. It is the Heart of the Universe, the still point of the vortex and our Natural state of Being that we can activate anytime within ourselves. Article still in process Stay tuned for the update of this article: More on Aligning with our Heart's Wisdom, Meditative Practices to come into a coherent state and crceate in alignment with the Golden Time will follow.


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