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Our Blood of Creation

Every month, every moon, I am reminded of the Cycle of Life.

The growth, ripening, release, blossoming and finally decay and death of an egg.

and then.. another cycle begins again.

My body moves, creates, blossoms and dissipates with her rhythms.

She may birth new life from this life one day and eventually fall into decay.

The infinite oscillation of creation.

The amniotic fluid flow of our world.

Moving cycles within cycles within the bigger universal cycles of Life.

Radars spinning within the great cosmic wheel.

A continues breath.

And death, as an inevitable part of that.

A release and lapse back into the formless free me.

Trust that every destruction will lead to new evolved and possibly even greater creation.

Dare to destroy and cut away the dead wood wherever you find it.

It is only a phase.

New, fresh branches will grow in it’s place.

When winter comes, do you trust that spring will return?



shed in red

conducting the primordial force

of cleansing destruction and vital creation

I will paint my Love for Life in your colors.

As a teenage girl I would escape my room to bathe under the moonlight in the forest nearby at night.

Nobody in my environment inspired me to do such things, quite the contrary.

Nature taught me..

She called me and speaks to me.

Whispers from the well that whirls and stirs in my heart and blood.

In some ancient indigenous tribes around the world and in the Amazon, Women offer their menstrual blood to the Earth.

To give back to her and honor and nourish her creative life force that she bestows us with.

To restore balance with our blood of Love for the blood that may have been shed in fear and war.

And because when we give our blood to her, she will support us by growing plants that support our health and bodies.

It is by nature a touching symbiotic, nourishing and deeply loving relationship. She cares for us as we care for her.

Humans are the sensory organ for planetary transcendence, as Earth is the sensory organ for human transcendence.

Now rest my love,

Take a breath.

How can you allow that

what is dying

what is dreaming

and what is being created and birthed through you now?


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