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Celebrating Earth Time

How aware are we of the time that our soul spends in our beautiful human body? And what does it mean to be truly grounded?

Often being ‘realistic’ and ‘on time’ in our society has been based on mental concepts, linear timelines and calendars that are totally out of sync with the rhythms and timing of the Earth.

For long I have been an advocate of Natural Time, and for those interested, read more about this in my article Aligning with Divine Time ~ becoming one with the Heart of Life.

I am not saying there is no beauty in creating and following supportive structures and schedules of time and space. Yet these would be so much more effective, grounding and beneficial for everyone if they would actually be in alignment with the design of nature.

Simply because linear time is the realm of the mind, which then gets to align with the body, created from Earth. Our Heart and breath connect both realms. Therefore a solid way to ground ourselves is through Heart coherence. When we bring our breath, body and brain into a coherent state, all of life becomes a meditation. (also more about that in this article).

The recent times of quarantine combined with Earth’s increased off the charts Schumann resonance (global electromagnetic resonance) have called many of us to move out of artificial imposed schedules and reconnect with the Earth and our bodies, finding our natural rhythm. To ground into Gaea’s sphere of life and reattune to her Heartbeat, rather than hovering and rushing over it in a fast paced mentally driven way of functioning instead of truly living.

Like time and place, our bodies give our infinite soul a defined physical space and opportunity to express and experience itself in this Earth time/space continuum.

And for both our bodies and time, we can honour them to their utmost quality to create our deepest desired physical reality. To align with divine time and become instruments of natural creation. Living and creating then becomes effortless as we allow life in it's natural flux of inspiration to flow and manafest through us. Merging love into matter.

Today I spontaneously found out that I’ve been alive for exactly 12012 Earth days this June 12th. And I celebrate that!

As I celebrate how it’s been almost to date two years ago this photo was taken by Sandra Djordjevic in my self painted phoenix catsuit at the beautiful Feminine Rising retreat called by Summer Brown, where I facilitated a DJ set, dance journey and vocal work.

So much growth since.

Like a tree, evolving slow yet steady. Each day a new opportunity for creation, growth, restoration, contemplation and the beginning of the rest of this magnificent Earth Life.


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