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DREAM BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND BEYOND ~ calibrating the compass of your heart

If you could dream up an entirely new world and life, what would it look and feel like? Forget about everything you've been told that doesn't chime with your soul. Dream bold. For as unrealistic as they may seem,

the world needs your wildest, most beautiful dreams to be danced into reality. So let's start with calibrating our Heart, our intelligent dream creating machine! (read more on Heart intelligence in my earlier article)


you show me how I'm part of the collective beat Your silence, your sound is more profound than the structures of this world can hold And travels far beyond any limitations or stories we've been told I am learning to speak your language to bring your love into human form The beauty you hold, I dream through your eyes while I trust you as my guide

to where infinite life unfolds 16-08-2018 by Anthe Aelea WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

This time especially is a deep invitation to everyone to reassess our deepest longings and no longer compromise what truly makes us feel alive. To bid goodbye old conditionings and fears and make choices from Love. I'm sure that whoever has seen the movie classic "The Notebook" remembers this scene..

What do you REALLY want?

What would your dreamlife look like?

In disregard of all the mental chatter and BS that we "think" we have to live from.

We live in a dimension of choice and your choice is always free. Yet most choices we make and actions we take are not even conscious, but old patterns replaying within a limited, rational frame of mind.

For generations we have been conditioned to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the wisdom whispers, beautiful truth and infinite abundance our Hearts would present to us.

That it would only be an unrealistic or unattainable dream or fantasy. And better not to follow it, so we would not be abandoned by our tribe and survive. Yet I bet each one of us still carries a feeling deep inside of what sacred economist Charles Eisenstein so strikingly called "The more beautiful world our Hearts know".

This is Paradise.

Leave all that thinking.

Even if you think you know, your Heart knows so.

Your mind is mostly playing and recreating old stories and painful memories on repeat like broken records looping in your subconscious basement. And all the analysis paralyses.

Your Heart feels the currents and knows your way Home.

So if she doesn't dance with joy upon being presented with a choice of direction, don't waste your energy, it is not for you. Take the higher road.

There is no way we are going to stay on course in this world and live Paradise on Earth if we do not live our passion guided by the compass of our Hearts. No way we will find and realise our Dream life if we already shy away from it the moment it seems slightly out of reach. Only because it will lead us into the unknown, a new place beyond our mind's control. My dear, that's the whole point! To dream big, bold and beyond. And then leave some space for unexpected beauty to unfold.

Your dreams co-create this world. So do yourself and everyone else a favour and throw out all the broken records. We are asked to dream way outside the box of rational, linear, limitations. Far beyond our wildest imaginations. So call into manafestation your Heart's true longed-for creation. And if you loosen your mind's grip, you're in for an amazing trip.

We are shifting into a new field right now.

Magnetic Poles are shifting, reality is shifting.

And we want to ensure that we calibrate our compass in alignment with the Heart of the Universe to navigate the current tides. And deeply trust the guidance of True Love.

So show some real compassion for yourself and start following that compass today.

#Practice: Take a clean white paper and write, draw down your most unrealistic, wildest dreams that make your heart jump with joy and do celebration salto's in your chest.


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