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Love is like a Butterfly

Love is like a butterfly one can not catch her but with an open hand and she may fly away anytime I know in my heart she will always reside (written in august 2006) This butterfly landed on me and stayed for over an hour sitting and walking circles between my shoulders while we had dinner in the jungle of Peru last year. This part of the body is where the energy centre of the heart (heart chakra) is located. When our heart is open, the back of this centre is where we receive love, health, joy and abundance, whereas we are able to share all this yummy stuff with others through opening this centre at the front. I've come to find more and more that receiving love is as much an art as giving love. As a child I was quite literally told that "it's better to give than to receive." Receiving was shrouded in feelings of guilt, as it would either make me owe the giver or I would not truly deserve it and be blamed for being selfish. I met abuse and criticism at an early age, and found that what I 'received' was at times by no means contributing to my happiness and well being. I learned to not trust receiving, and built walls to protect myself from pain, guilt and shame. Yet those very walls also blocked me from receiving life more fully. These days I'm much more open and aware of receiving with grace and gratitude. It remains a constant practice to be more patient and truly recognize the present that this moment is giving me. They say bitter is the true taste of the heart. When our hearts are free from fear, we will be able to taste love's sweetness. In the same way I may experience the love that is being given to me as either bitter or sweet. But I understand that love is always the gift, in whatever form suits my learning. And the tears of pain again transform into tears of love.. The longer I live, the deeper my experience of love and how to live as that grows. And the more I get to enjoy the sweet honey of my heart and butterfly wings. 🦋💗🦋🍯


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