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Taking off the Mask

What will happen when we take off the mask, ALL masks.. and see 👁🌊 what was really there all along?

Perfect you, perfect truth, here, now.

Oneness. Absolute Presence.

available right this moment.

The Heart of All creation.

That is You.

It is your true Divine Self, that has little to do with your human identity built on stories, name, gender, what job you work, what people you know or color of your skin.

So I release all mask statements.

And open my mouth to let my true voice out.

No fear, no doubt..

as these can only exist in thought and the human mind.

Out of mind, out of time.

We ARE life

only fears die.

It is not even a practice, it just is.. a state of being.

We are not becoming, we already are.

We don’t need to move anywhere,

except out of illusion.

Ascension is just another word for amnesia.

This is our coronation.

Reconnecting with our Sovereignty, our timeless essence.

My human mind can not grasp this..

there is nothing to grasp.

It is a moment and glimpse of NOW

like sunlight pouring through the clouds

and a state of utter ✨being here ✨

when my heart lights up

and I AM this

and breathe with the whole world.

Then at times my human mind gets lured, snatched, hooked back into the illusion. I take the bait and get drugged again.

No matter how healthy my diet has been for many years.. i am still detoxing from thought.

Even though I don’t need it, like it needs me to survive. Like a parasite.

Being life itself,

I can choose to give life and to let die.

To animate and dissipate.

So I observe,

abstain from more bait.

rehabilitate from falling prey.

Breathing as pure awareness in human form,

that’s the lucid state.

I feel my Heart.

I feel how we are one Heart.

I Feel who I truly am.

💗 Peace ☮️


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