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True Intimacy

A dear friend send me this quote yesterday with the words “I just HAD to think of you when I read this!”

I believe I can feel why. For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to practice and share the art of true intimacy. To be open, vulnerable, honest, deep and sometimes raw. Tears, sweat, blood, burning fire, oceanic depths and at times dropping ‘uncomfortable’ silences in which we can finally allow our deeper feelings to speak up.

We can only touch others to the level that we are in touch with ourselves. This is how I want to dance - romance, family, friends, within my work and even random encounters - all of them. They mirror us, they live inside of us, they show us ur relationship to ourselves, to source. And if we can truly embrace that, they show us the way. How naked can we get without taking off a single piece of cloth? In a world where sexuality is often banalized as mainly a physical encounter and either indulged as entertainment and compensation or made taboo, I feel a fierce inner power and voice rise in me. One that wants to burst out in the loudest roar that shatters all illusions, conditioning and manipulation that we’ve been exposed to as humans, as well as the sweetest songs about the many levels that our souls can be caressed and touched by another person without a single physical approach. It is a voice that asks for the inner invisible world of our deep, most intimate feelings to be recognized and respected in the same way that we have been educated to accept our outer physical world as ‘real’. It goes without saying that physical touch and sex can of course be truly intimate. In fact, it can open a portal to experience the divine in the physical. Our bodies don’t lie, so it will only become more nourishing and beautiful when we get really honest with one another. A conversation between our hearts and bodies can at times bring a lot more clarity than words and talking heads. It’s all about integrity: integrated alignment of our heart, soul, body, thoughts and feelings. To get closer to truth and really flow and create magic. There is no true Love without Truth. Not another person’s truth, your own. That, I know for real.


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