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As much as is written and said about Tantra these days, to me it really means to be completely present, open and honest with myself, others and everything around me and feel each cell in my body dancing in total ALIVENESS!

Whether we experience this within ourselves or with another person and our surroundings, the elevation and expansion that comes through the unifying breath of life is inevitable and amazing.

It is a deep love for the awesomeness of existence that can move us beyond the veil of separation into a growing sense of bliss and awareness. Into becoming more of who you truly are by being in a conscious relationship and dance with all that is, in each moment. Because you are ALL of LIFE!

You are a creator and the more we learn how to make love to life itself, the more consciously creative and happy we'll be.

So MOVE, SHAKE & GROOVE to the rhythm of your heartbeat, the wind, waves, even the passing traffic if it need be. Then, even a regular sunset at a dutch beach can become an ecstatic experience.

And for all who live in Amsterdam and surroundings, come move your beautiful asses over to the🔺Tantric Awakening🔻retreat @Odessa this weekend, where I'll be teaching some Essensual Yoga.


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