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Howling with the Wolf Moon and goddess Eris


The full Moon tonight will leave many sizzling with her intensity. Also known to the natives as 'Wolf Moon' she was instinctive, deep, powerful and sensitive.. No wonder for a Moon that falls in a profound water sign like Cancer and squares powerful planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Eris. (read more about this in my last full Moon report:

But for now, I want to focus mainly on Eris.. the unofficial 10th planet of our Solar system. She is a dwarf planet just outside (but in the close realm of) Pluto and named after the Greek goddess of chaos and strife. As she stands further away from our Earth than Pluto, she moves slowly in the shadows and outbounds of our consciousness where she rules the transpersonal and transformational. She brings transformation through a powerful, sensual, feminine energy that is not to be messed with and stands for justice and truth in the face of challenges.

She is seen as the inseparable female partner in crime of Ares a.k.a. Mars - god of war and action and absolute raw masculine power and sexual energy embodied. In this same way, Eris represents the instinctive, dark, raw side of our feminine nature and sexuality. As a tantalising troublemaker, fierce, confident and sensual like a wild cat she doesn't shrink back for an argument when taking a stand for her inner values and deeper truth as a woman. After her discovery in 2005 she was often associated in the early process of her naming with archetypical ladies like Persephone and Xena.. just to give you an idea of what she embodies according to Mythology. And for a more contemporary image, I love how Madonna expresses this particular side of the feminine energy in her video 'Human Nature'.

It seems Eris' energy will support anyone who is done with the preaching and judging about how things are 'ought to be' and wants to find harmony, community, freedom and love in a way that is more life supporting and rooted in unconditional love, truth, authenticity and expression of our sexual/physical and (human) nature. Be it in relationships, work, politics or society at large.

And this also means news for the men in our world, who are finding themselves at times challenged to find new ways to relate to the feminine members of their species. They too, can feel the rise of feminine sexual energy, the instictive powerful force that sings to our souls from the depths of the oceans and from deep inside the jungle. And it is powerful, and will call upon their trust to surrender to her force of nature.

Those of us - men or women - who can embrace this energy as a part of our sacred selves, will be blessed with a deepening of their understanding of our true human nature and the magic that is created between the sexual opposites.

Follow your nature, And don't forget to howl..

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