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Keeping Faith and the Children's Fire

“In the Native American tradition, one member of the tribe assumes the role of "Faithkeeper." This person's role is to remain at peace, centered in spiritual vision, no matter what events befall the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear, or dissension, the Faithkeeper is the one person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence. This is our role now.”

A friend of mine sent this quote to me yesterday.. “Because you are a faithkeeper to the tribe.” In that case I feel blessed, and also blessed with many other beautiful faithkeepers that I witness around me and know as my dear friends. Such gratitude to you.. you know who you are!

Let’s keep shining our inner pilot light bright as we move into the dark void of the unknown.

A place of death, a place of rebirth. Back into the womb of our mother earth.

Finally coming to a place of absolute pure potency and the powerful awakening of new life and love.

~ Embracing perceived Darkness back into the Light ~

In addition to the perceived “darkness” that some may experience in these times, I would like to add my favorite Carl Jung quote:

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

This is what we’re doing right now on a scale that is almost unprecedented in human history for as far as it has been documented. In expanding our awareness and shining our light in the darkest and most unconscious corners, even our deepest fears will come to the surface to be seen and embraced back into love. And probably more then since long, we are given time to feel through it all.

"The time is always now," yet especially now is a prime time for inner work and transformation.

So let’s love the sh*t out of our fears, our grief, our anger and all and every aspect of our perceived darkness within ourselves and our world to bring them back home into the Light. For we need to face the shit so we can make the shift.

Even if we can already see the Light on the horizon and are eager to bask in it’s glow, please let’s not forsake and instead fully embrace and illuminate every passing shadow. In ancient Egypt this was even symbolically represented by the symbolism of the scarab, a dung beetle, symbolising great strength and transformation while carrying the light in the shape of a sun disc.

~ The Lost Children ~

An image that keeps coming to me in relation to this is 'The Cave of the Lost Children'. A mythical place and concept that is often referred to in the therapeutic and shamanic process of soul retrieval. This represents a place in our subconscious where often deeply wounded and traumatised parts of our inner Child-Self are hiding. The parts of us that got hurt when we were young and that we often - consciously or unconsciously - choose to suppress and neglect because dealing with them simply seems too painful. Though we may not realise that in our neglect, we slowly leave those parts of us dying, while they are only waiting and sometimes crying to be heard and seen, retrieved and embraced back into love to become more whole within our being. Oftentimes these wounded parts of ourselves may cry for our attention and play out through deep, strong emotions in moments where we feel triggered and unsafe. Yet there are enormous treasures to be retrieved through these triggers, once we stop to judge or spiritually bypass our emotions and wounded Child-Self and fully welcome this part of us back into being. When welcomed, the spirit of our Inner Child-Self bestows us with much wisdom, magic, flow and vital life energy that will give us power and an inner compass to help create and enjoy a safe world full of love and harmony. A world where we are more in touch with our intuition and innate true nature, and where honest, colourful and free emotional expression, abundance, pleasure and play prevail.

~ The Children's Fire ~ How then, did we end up creating a world that often seems like a far cry from all of that? According to this beautiful talk by Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney from almost a decade ago, the answer lies in how society has forgotten about the Children's Fire, an old native pledge that: No law, no decision, no action, nothing of any kind will be permitted that will harm the children. Macartney explains about The Children's Fire and the importance of putting it back into the centre of our society as we are building our future. He states how it "has become the cornerstone of my thinking about leadership." And he continues: "The Children’s Fire is a pledge to the welfare of unborn future children (human and non-human alike) but more profoundly it’s a pledge to life, a commitment to the responsibility carried by each successive generation to safeguard the vitality and regenerative capacity of the earth. It insists on a circular economy and it views any action that compromises the wellspring of creativity from which our species has emerged as sacrilege, an act of betrayal, evidence hinting at insanity. The Children’s Fire is just common sense really." ~ Humanity coming into Maturity ~

I would like to add to this vision and pledge of the Children's Fire, that I do not only see it as our responsibility to care for the welfare of our unborn future children, but also to the child we find within ourselves. The journey of maturing as a human being in my humble perception has also much to do with becoming a conscious, loving parent to our own Inner Child, including it's trials and errors, it's occasional unwholesome behaviours and temper tantrums as a result of past trauma. Really deepening our compassionate understanding and loving all parts of ourselves back into wholeness. And along with that, strengthening our ability to stay present in that love with others whenever they may act out. It is also an invitation to heal the relationship between our respective masculine and feminine side. In the way we connect to them within ourselves and relate them to our lovers, partners and (inner/internalized) parents and even our community and the world as a whole.

Loving, respectful and harmonious relationships between two loving partners, held within safe, harmonious, community, will bear forth and raise children as a creation from that love. To keep choosing love and unity in relationship to the people and parts of ourselves that we may perceive or judge as 'other' and different is the constant practice. To see how once we stop alienating ourselves from them and open our hearts, they carry gifts and teachings to be received and integrated that will help us become more whole.

And Hey! It's ok to not succeed in every way, or be perfect in each moment that we act. As long as we can love and accept that, grow more aware along the way and continue to play. For this will ceaselessly empower us to blossom into our full potential and freely bring our gifts into this world as the faithkeepers, leaders, builders, role models and parents of the future and The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Keep faith, nourish your inner flame 🔥

To strenghten your loving spirit and burn the shadows away

<<< The photo above was taken last January 4th 2020 in the caves underneath the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, after conducting a ceremony with the elder and sacred protector of the site. >>>


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