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Dancing with Timelines and Ley lines

On the day that the Notre Dame in Paris and Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem burned (15/04/'19), I visited the great Pyramids of Egypt. It rained that day.. a very rare occasion, even though once this site was flooded with water, which would activate the true function of the Pyramids.

It was my last day before traveling back home to Amsterdam after a 3,5 moons journeying, dancing, singing, playing music, serving, learning and connecting abroad.

When coming to face the second Pyramid of the goddess Isis, my body started tingling. It’s a feeling I’ve gotten to know very well and that happens a lot to me in what seem to be Gaia’s power spots. My mind becomes empty, and I just háve to dance and sing, as if the energy of that place just moves me and is being channeled through my body. After I came out of my trance state, I found myself surrounded by curious spectators, some of them applauding and filming or taking photographs - which is how I received the image above. Afterwards I was introduced to the woman who’s family for generations has been the sacred site keepers and guardians of the information of the Pyramids and Sphinx. We met privately as she requested me to come alone, and as I came to her house she greeted me smilingly with an embrace “Welcome home!” My feeling of deep surprise only lasted for seconds as a strong feeling of familiarity and recognition overtook me. And I suddenly realized a prophecy I received in a dream 7,5 years ago was unfolding right in that moment, where I had met this woman before during astral visit to the Hall of records, which is said to be an ancient library which is said to be accessible via a portal protected by the Sphinx.

She invited me into her house. "What took you so long to finally come here? You know you've been here before, right?" And I did know. Within minutes it felt completely normal to be sharing my story about my journey of coming to Egypt, while drinking tea on her balcony overlooking the Pyramid site and Sphinx. I shared about the guidance I received for years through intuitions, dreams and visions, my communication and information that I received from other dimensions, dolphins and whales. We shared about wisdom keeping, connecting earth's portals (we both connected with Hawaii where we both lived for some time) and various timelines. And before I said goodbye, we made a deep prayer and meditation together, spiralling and traveling between worlds. Was it any coincidence that Notre Dame (‘Our Lady’) in Paris (a name derived from ‘Par Isis’ literally translated as ‘For Isis’) and the Al Aqza Mosque in Jerusalem burned that day? Or that it was the final day of the Hindu Chaitra Navratri celebration, which marks the start of their new Lunar year and celebrates the Goddess. Not to mention the huge crowds of conscious #movementmedicine dancers that gathered in London, drumming, dancing and singing for the climate protests. Dance and sound make the world go round.. And all of these places happen to be located on an important leyline that connects holy places like Mekka, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris and Glastonbury. This is no information I got from books, it is simply apparant when we truly observe, listen and feel the world around and within us. The Great Mystery speaks to us through Nature and the language of our world and bodies. God is everywhere and we can infuse our life with magic when we simply trust and believe. So let the magic unfold As we birth a new world. ☀️💗☀️


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