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Waking up to Love

I have something to celebrate. I'm waking up to the dream of Love.

Photo by Elena Kalis

Dreams. Dreams have always guided me throughout my life.

Predictive dreams, lucid dreams, dreams of a brighter future, dreams as a source of creation. They have been very meaningful for me during my life. So powerful, that I considered tattooing it on my body when I was about 20 years old. These past days I woke up from another dream. A bigger dream then I imagined. The dream I must have been referring to in a poem that I wrote in 2006. ..And when I close my eyes I will wake up in a dream Flowers in my bedroom And love kissing my cheeks..

In my previous blogpost I referred to a situation that caused me to feel great sadness and pain from the outset, and then transformed my river of tears into a river of love. And along with the tears came deeper insights into my experience of Life. ..our relationships with others are a mirror of Love.. We all hear about how our relationships with others are a mirror of love in which we can see ourselves more clearly. I too experienced this, many, many times. Sometimes consciously, sometimes in hindsight. And I would dare say that anything that I experience in my life which is not in line with True Love, then comes from a place of fear and untruth in myself. However to recognise my fear and look it straight in the eye the very moment it presents itself to me ánd realise that what happens is not 'real', takes a profound waking up indeed. A full waking up to Love. In the situation I described in my latest blog I was confronted in a relationship with a loved one, who had made a decision in his life that triggered a deep fear in me. It was something I feared would happen, and then it happened. I had even seen it happening in a dream about a year ago, where I could see everything from a bigger perspective, and saw how this was only serving me to break free from fear into more Love.

And with this glimpse of an insight through a previous dream, suddenly the puzzle piece fell into place. In that instant it dawned upon me how it was exactly through the physical and emotional experience of this scenario that I feared that I was given the opportunity to embrace my fear back into Love. And that is exactly what I did and am practicing still now.

It felt so big, so enormous. Something in me died in that moment and therefore was brought back to life. I could feel the tremendous Love in me, embracing and transforming my fear, welcoming that part of me back home. And I felt immensely grateful for my loved one, to reflect back to me my fear from a place of love.

Yes it is true, I am another you. We are Love.

Yes somewhere deep down I knew this, I'd felt this before. Yes Love is bigger than fear. Yes, we áre Love. 'Our texture is the same, it's in the music that plays..' I could hear the music, it always resonated with me. Yet now I've invited and allowed the realisation to settle in. I'm dancing to the music. I breathe it's every knowing.

Flowers in my bedroom and love kissing my cheeks..

My love is infinite. And I wish to remember this always.

With love, Anthe

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