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Endless Poetry

'The mind asks questions, the heart answers'

Last Monday under the full moon I saw what will undoubtly become one of my favorite films. In a small movie theatre where only three more people accompanied me, the stage was set for a story that had as much of an intimate, bizarre and yet poetic and heartfull feel to it as the settıng i found myself in that night. Like a cat on your lap I crawled into the comfortable chair to enjoy the feast of colours, music, sensations and the beautiful, warm, familiar sound of the Latın Amerıcan Spanish language.

Although I´ve never met the man and master behind the movie, senor Alejandro Jodorowsky, I do know we share a love for storytelling and film, poetry and tarot. As well as the magic in the space between life and death and between dream, illusıon and reality.. Until this day Jodorowsky still gives free tarot readings and courses and I myself have been studyıng, practing and using the art of tarot sınce i (asked for and) was gifted my first deck of cards at the age of 12. In the film, Jodorowsky tells the story of his youth and his search to break free from societal restrictions and expectations and follow his passion to become an artist and poet. Financed by the crowdfunded donation of fans, filmed by one of my favorite cinematographers Chrstopher Doyle and with Jodorowsky´s very own sons playıng both the roles of Alejandro himself in his younger years (played by Adan Jodorowsky) as well as his father (played by Brontis Jodorowsky) this fılm was destined to become something special. ..And so it has become. A story about blood-, love- and soul relationships, light and dark, and courage in moving beyond fears and illusions to follow one´s hearts calling. In a dialogue with his younger self, Jodorowsky states how he gave his life for his love, art and poetry and how it taught him to die ın happiness. Therefore, emphasized by the beautiful ardent sound of Latin American Spanısh, the most important message of the film is finally: ´Vıve, vıve, vıve!´ To live fully, find the courage to follow your heart. To follow your heart, learn and listen to it´s language. There seems to be a connection of some kind between the language of the heart and the language of poetry. I fınd it no surprise that whenever my heart is overflowing with love, wonder and awe of life, poems seem to flow naturally from my lips. And I recall how Alan Watts once referred to poetry and music as the language of the world. I must say that I agree. Live fully and die in the everlasting moment, the now-moment of true happiness.

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