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..the illusory appearance of the sensible world.

Maya refers to the circle of light surrounding the Hindu god of dance, Nataraja, who is an avatar of Shiva.

As well as the corona of plasma and lumiferous aether surrounding our sun.

Maya also describes the dynamic power and feminine aspect of Shiva, known as Shakti. And it means ‘water’ in Arabic.

In the 2012 documentary Shift of the Ages, Mayan elder Don Alejandro speaks of how the Mayan nation was also called Mai, known by some as another name for the nations before the great flood, like Lemuria and Atlantis. And of the various Mayan civilizations that were seeded across our planet. The Mayans in Central Amerika, the CaraMaya in Egypt, Maya Ches in China and Cambodia and NagaMaya in India.

Maya, Mai, the conscious light transmitted through Maya, the water, that enables our lucid experience of life.

During the total Eclipse of December 14th, the 260 day cycle of the Mayan calender ended that started on March 30 this year (see my previous post from that date).

A cycle of collective rebEARTH, which we intentionally celebrated with the beautiful Dream Dancing course spanning over the portal dates of 12/12, Santa Lucia (13/12) and the 14/12 total Eclipse.

A vision that I received and that we brought to life, creating a strong field of expanded consciousness, love, joy and free, truthful expression together with our group. Beaming our love out into the quantum ocean of this world, knowing we are always home and connected with our loved ones.

It was absolutely magical and the invitation is now to stay on course with this vibration.

So for the coming days, let yourself be flooded by this light of love as we near the Solstice.

Remind yourself in any moment of time that you are divine.

Keep on weaving and spinning your most beautiful dreams of light.

You are the dance of life.



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